JoJo Siwa is known for a lot of things, including her signature hair bows, dance moves, and her sparkling outfits. Now we’ll even find the Nickelodeon star’s magical touch in the freezer aisle at Walmart too.
JoJo Siwa ice cream
Source: Walmart

JoJo Siwa Launches an Ice Cream dessert

That’s because Walmart is now carrying JoJo Siwa’s first ever ice cream called “Sweet Celebrations.” The sweet treat is super sweet and delicious, made as it is with a sugar cookie-flavored base. It’s just as colorful as its namesake too, and not just because the 1.5 quart package shows her smiling face and classic positivity. (The package encourages ice cream consumers to “live your dream!”) It’s also because the reduced-fat ice cream includes rainbow candy as well as blue and purple frosting. It’s basically a sugar cookie in ice cream form! In other words: YUM. My kids are going to be all over this sweet, delicious treat this Summer. 

JoJo Reviews Her Ice Cream

JoJo herself did a taste test online, and her “review” was absolutely fabulous. She admitted that yeah, it’s her face on the ice cream, but it would still be her favorite ice cream even if her face wasn’t on the packaging. As she shared
“I really do not understand how one flavor of ice cream can be so good… even the frosting swirls in it are so good. It’s like sweet, but not too sweet… it’s like, the texture even of it is creamy, but not too creamy, and also not too icy. It’s magical.” 
It’s as if JoJo Siwa’s 2017 song “Kid in a Candy Store” was written for this ice cream. I think we can officially call JoJo the candy — and ice cream — queen too. At the rate she’s going with new products, she’s basically taking over the world, and we love it. (And if you want to see what the star’s hair looks like without her signature bow, you’re going to want to see her TikTok video. Her hair is, get this, actually curly!!!)  “Sweet Celebrations” ice cream is currently only available in Walmart stores. At $3.50 a piece, I know what’s filling my freezer this Summer. 



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