{Hilarious} Kids Game Toca Kitchen 2

Kids games – it seems I find my kids playing online games non-stop, especially games that are hilarious and make them laugh.  The newest app from Toca is sure to make your kids giggle hysterically.  

It is all about playing and experimenting with food in the kitchen from our sponsor, Toca Kitchen 2.

Thanks Toca for the gift of laughter, for sponsoring this post, and for encouraging my kids to combine foods to create something new!  My kids made Veggie Ice Cream after being inspired by your game.

Grab our recipe here —>Veggie Blender Ice Cream Recipe

kids app game of cooking in the kitchen

Toca Kitchen Video Game 

The premise of the Toca Kitchen game is that there are monsters (three of them) and they are hungry.  

Your child is the chef, they open the fridge and pick foods out, they put them on the plate and pick a tool to “cook with”.  

Your kids can chop the foods, stirr them, add salt or pepper…. they can put the foods into a frying pan, or a juicer, or even the oven.  

When they are done “cooking” they serve the food to the monster and wait to see the monsters reactions to the food that was served.

Silly Kids Video Game

Best Part of Toca

Like the case in the video?  It’s on the list of best ipad cases for kids.

If your kids are like mine, that is their favorite part.  They laugh hysterically whenever the monster spits or passes gas or whatever those noises are that the monster is making.  The kids just *love* it!

After playing the game for a couple of days we decided it was time to bring the game to life – in our kitchen!!

kids game toca kitchen 2

Bring the Online Game to Life

We decided to do our own kitchen game.  Each kid chose ingredients!

Then comes the fun!  

The kids took turns taste testing the foods together until they came up with a combination they liked… they both agreed.  

The ice cream was going to be the staple ingredient – cause even monsters like ice cream!  


They chopped, they cooked on low with ingredients in a sauce pan (what happens when you fry icecream??  A sticky mess!).

Eventually they decided on making their own new flavor of ice cream. Blueberry Orange Ice Cream – topped with shavings of spinach!

making icecream with a blender

The kids all agreed, veggie ice cream was a smashing success!  

If they could only find a monster to test their recipe on… the girls had to settle for their little brothers.

veggie ice cream recipe

Thanks Toca Kitchen for yet another FUN app for kids.  

We love your whole series of ad-free apps, your passion for kid-directed fun is appreciated and loved.  

This latest game is your best!  

Thanks for inspiring a fun day of veggie eating and taste testing until we could come up with our own monster-ready veggie ice cream.  


toca kitchen logo long

Ready to play?  Get the app here.



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