Do your kids love time on your tablet?  My own kids do, but I also like to make the best use of that time.  Check out some of our picks for the best math apps for kids of all ages to incorporate learning and screen time!

25 of the best math apps with use on fios

We are bringing you these awesome apps alongside Kids Activities Blog sponsor, FiOS.  Yay!  FiOS Quantum Speed Internet  your while family can play on their tablets, computers, and laptops at once. And With Fios Quantam TV, you  can change the way you and your family currently watch television.  You have more control with pause/play/rewind for live TV and can your family can record up to 12 shows at once.  Yes, you read that right ¦12 shows!  And it stores up to 200 hours of HD content, so it is fine if you record all 12 at once. They also helped us bring you the best free educational apps for kids and 50 TV Shows for Kids Recommended By Parents.

Best Math Apps for Preschool

Preschool math is a great time to introduce ideas such as number recognition, shapes, patterns, 1-to-1 counting, comparison, matching and more!  Apps that feature characters or animals your child enjoys will help keep their attention longer and helps lay a great foundation for future math skills.  Check out some of our favorite preschool math apps below:

Best Math Apps for Preschool
  • Alien Buddies by Artgig Studio – A great intro to basic numbers and shapes (along with letters and colors) for your littlest preschoolers
  • Counting Caterpillar by Bellamon – Practice counting skills and earn butterflies as your preschoolers work on their number order
  • Dino Teach Preschool Math by Tiltan Games – Match, count, order, add and more, with a great cast of dinosaurs to help your child learn.
  • Eggy Numbers by Blake eLearning – This app focuses on how to identify, write and count numbers 1 to 10, with apps for older children up with numbers up to 100
  • Endless Numbers by Orginator Inc. – The Endless monsters and their stories help introduce number recognition and sequences, among other topics, to preschoolers
  • Monkey Math School Sunshine by HTU – Less & more, bigger & smaller, and patterns are some of our favorite parts of this fun monkey math game
  • Numbers with Nemo by Disney – Counting, sequencing and more number fun with the characters from Finding Nemo
  • Sago Mini Pet Cafe by Sago Sago – Count, sort, and match goodies for your pet cafe in an introduction to math concepts for the preschool set
  • Shape Builder – the Preschool Learning Puzzle Game by Murtha Design Inc. – Puzzles and spatial awareness are another foundation of math!  This app features over 150 puzzles with 5-10 pieces each.
  • Team Umizoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers by Nickolodean – Number comparison, number identification, counting and more with the characters from Team Umizoomi

Best Math Apps for Elementary School:

Elementary school math apps often focus on operations, math facts, and problem solving.  By strengthening those skills, elementary students develop more confidence in their abilities for higher level problems.  Below are some of our favorite elementary school math apps:

Best Math Apps for Elementary
  • Dragon Box Algebra 5+ by Monkey in the Middle – A fun introduction to algebra concepts for the elementary grades, without even realizing they are doing algebra!
  • Hungry Fish by Motion Math – Feed your hungry fish with numbered pellets, as many as it takes to reach your magic number, using mental math and problem solving skills.
  • iXL by iXL Learning – A popular companion to  the website many schools already use!  The app offers 20 free questions/day without a login or use your school login for unlimited usage
  • Marble Math & Marble Math Junior by Artgig Studio –  Race your marbles through the  mazes with math problems along the way, replay options and video showing solutions help with understanding skills
  • Math Ninja by Razeware LLC – Save treehouse against a hungry tomato and his robotic army, it’s as silly as it sounds and totally captivating
  • Math vs Zombies by TapToLearn Software – Math plus zombies equals awesome!  Save the world from a zombie attack using your math skills
  • Mathly Hollows by 8DWorld Inc –  Save the village of Mathly Hollows from monsters by solving math problems along the way
  • Mathopolis by TicTapTech LLC a facts based app to increase speed and recall, all while helping firefighters save their city
  • Quick Clocks – Perfect time telling skills, especially with analog clocks, with this app
  • Splash Math – With six different levels, for kindergarten through 5th grade, this app helps master skills pertinent to each grade level, with animal, sea, and space themes

Best Math Apps for Middle School:

For middle school math apps, pre-algebra and algebra skills, fractions, decimals, and problem solving are key!  Math facts should already be memorized, so more focus should be on the newer, more complicated concepts.

Best Math Apps for Middle School
  • Buzzmath Middle School by Scholab – Practice your middle school math skills with over 3000 problems designed specifically for the middle grades
  • Chicken Coop Fractions Games – Fractions practice and chicken games!  I tested this out on my own kids and the amusement level was high!  It’s chicken!
  • Dragon Box Algebra 12+ by WeWantToKnow – Parentheses, Positive and Negative signs, Collection of Like Terms, Factorization and more provide a strong algebraic tutorial for middle school
  • MayaNumbers by Dig-It Games – And you thought regular math was tricky!  Try to add and subtract using the Mayan system, which makes for a great puzzle!
  • Middle School Math Bundle by Monkey in the Middle – 6th, 7th, 8th grade and algebra options are available in this app, for extra skills practice.
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Verizon FiOS TV

Like I mentioned earlier, FiOS Quantum allows your family to record up to 12 shows for a total of over 200 hours of HD storage, but that isn’t the only thing that is amazing.  The Verizon Mobile app lets you watch and record shows on the go including on-demand titles.  It is another way for you to choose exactly what you and your family watch and when they watch it.

A big thank you to FiOS for supporting Kids Activities Blog.  As part of being  on the #LifeonFiOS influencer team, I receive free free Verizon FiOS service.  You can follow along on other social media with our conversation using the #LifeonFiOS hashtag.

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