Muggles and wizards, listen up! Daniel Radcliffe kicked off a new virtual story time with a reading of the very first Harry Potter book, “Philosopher’s Stone/Sorcerer’s Stone.” He started with chapter one, “The Boy Who Lived,” and immediately took readers and fans back to the magical beginnings of Harry Potter. Bonus: his reading — as well as future chapter readings — are all free. 
Harry Potter at Home
Screenshot: Wizarding World
Not only did Radcliffe lend his voice to the narration, but his video also shares some awesome illustrations by Harry Potter’s youngest fans. In fact, kids everywhere are encouraged to share their artwork of the book’s key scenes for future chapter readings. Artwork can be submitted online and it may even have a chance of being featured in a future video! To submit, use the hashtag #HarryPotteratHome and tweet to @WizardingWorld‘s Twitter account. (There’s also an audio-only version of Radcliffe’s reading on Spotify, but trust me when I say the illustrations lend a special something to the reading.) As for future chapter readings, a cast of celebrities — including Dakota Fanning, David Beckham, Claudia Kim, and Eddie Redmayne, among others — have signed up to be narrators. Over the coming weeks, tune in to Harry Potter at Home to hear the first book unfold chapter by chapter. Some surprises are promised along the way too! We can’t wait to see what they are.

Brush up on Your Wizarding Education with More Harry Potter Fun

As if these readings weren’t cool enough, there’s so much more of the wizarding world in store. Kids can take part in a Chapter Challenge, which includes tasks, quizzes, and a secret quest. After each chapter reading they can collect house points!  If your kids want to learn more about Albus Dumbledore, check out this resource about the “Man in the Purple Cloak.” (Warning: if this your kid’s first time visiting the wizarding world, there are some spoilers). 
Harry Potter
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A discussion guide is also available, and it talks all about the fabulous themes readers of all ages will discover in the first Harry Potter book. The guide will help you talk to your kids about kindness, belonging, friendship, and of course courage too. 
All of these Harry Potter resources are incredible and sure to keep kiddos (and parents) entertained. We already can’t wait for the next story time installment! 


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