Road Trip Game!  It’s the holiday season, which means that many people are traveling by plane and by car  to visit family.   What better time to use both means of transportation for a learning activity?  Use this cool math game to occupy kids and shhhh…they might even learn something!  Here at Kids Activities Blog, we call that a win-win game for kids.

RoadTrip Game:

1.   cars and people from the Game of Life

2.   3 die-cast planes

3.   a pair of dice

Cool Math Game:

For this activity, Bear (4 yrs) and I each had our own color car for our “passengers” (Life people) to ride to the airport in.   We each rolled one of the dice and placed the corresponding amount of “passengers” into our cars.   Then we “drove” them to around the table and to the airport so they could go on a trip.   Whoever got the  highest number on the dice they rolled got to pick the plane. "airplane travel" math game for kids After the cars arrived at their plane, Bear counted how many passengers total would be boarding the plane.   Then I placed the dice next to the cars and repeated the numbers to emphasis the addition aspect of the activity.   For example: in the picture below, after the dice were put next to the cars, I reiterated that two plus five equals seven. Then it was time for the passengers to go on their trip.   Bear took a little break and flew the airplane around the room.   After the planed had “landed” back on the table, we practiced subtraction by  getting the passengers off of the plane so they could  wait for their taxis.   Roll one of the dice and subtract that number from the amount already present.   The answer is the amount of people that will go in one car.   For example: in the picture above, there are 7 passengers present, and the number rolled was 2.   So then, I would stress that if you have 7 and take away 2, you are left with 5. **This activity could also be played with addition/subtraction flashcards instead of dice.** traveling math:  A game for kids to play during road trips

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