i spy learning window Whether you are going on a long car trip this summer or a short trips around town, you will probably being looking for games to play with the kids in the car. My son loves to play I Spy when we reading books or walking in the neighborhood. I thought it would be fun to come up with a game for the car that tapped into his love of playing I Spy. I also wanted to find a game that would help him review the skills in learned in preschool this year. The game that I put together is called I Spy Learning Windows. Before going on the windows in the car, each window's concepts would need to be discussed and the directions for the game would need to be gone over. Here are the windows I made along with the shape window pictured above:


i spy colors


i spy numbers


If your child can't read and can't identify with the concepts, you may want to circle the color, letter, number, or shape with a marker that you want to focus on. Older children may want to choose the particular letter, color, number or shape they want to look for. Each learning window was created to be user friendly. The window has been laminated so, you can write on them and erase your marks easily. The center of the window is clear rather than being the laminate so children can easily see through the frame and not have it be blurry. As a child finds an object that fits what they have said they want to find, they will need to name and describe the object to you. This game allows children to work on basic concepts and descriptive language at the same time. It is also a way to make a car trip a learning experience.
Educational games are a great way to keep kids busy on road trips.   Here are some other travel games ideas from the Quirky Mommas:

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  1. great insight. Really enjoyed reading this blog.

    Keep up the good work and to everyone keep on learning!