We were supposed to have my oldest daughter’s birthday party this month. To say she was upset would be an understatement. We promised we’d still have her party… but later. In the meantime though, we knew we had to make the day of her birthday as special as possible. Here are some ideas on how to throw an awesome kid birthday party, even if you’re stuck at home: birthday cake

Decorate Like Crazy

First things first, don’t hold back on the decorations! When my daughter woke up, she was in disbelief — in a good way — at the amount of pink streamers everywhere in the living room. She also loved all the purple balloons scattered everywhere. Even if the decorations are just for your kiddo, it’s completely worth it. 
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Tailor the Day to Your Kiddo

Turn your kiddo’s birthday into a day of their favorite things. From their favorite meals (and favorite dessert), to activities related to their favorite character or show, pack your day with things you know your child will love. For example, if they love Lego blocks, challenge them to build a castle, make Lego waffles, and do these Lego activities. If they’re Frozen obsessed, dress up as Frozen characters, build Olaf out of marshmallows and pretzels, and play a Frozen-themed board game. In the case of my daughter, who also loves crafts, it was a themed day full of butterflies and unicorns  

Throw a Virtual Birthday Party

Plan a virtual birthday party with a video conferencing site/app like Zoom or House Party; even the invitation site Evite also now has a virtual event option. (Keep in mind, House Party and Evite are maxed out at eight participants).  Start with an online invite to set the time to login, as well as the login link; also be sure to give the parents a heads up on what you have planned. Perhaps the kids can all paint their nails together, or have a dance party. End the party with a big happy birthday singalong, complete with your kiddo blowing out the candles on their cake.  Last but not least, if your virtual party has a theme? You can use a Pixar virtual background during a Zoom meetup too. 

Organize a Birthday Party Parade

To go all out, organize a birthday party parade to drive past your house. Send out a message to family and friends, encourage them to make posters and decorate their cars, and tell them what time you’ll be outside. Your birthday kiddo will love being surprised by all the birthday wishes, but chances are they’ll love seeing their friends too, even if they are a safe distance away.  While we may be stuck inside for the near future, there are lots of creative ways to make our kid’s birthdays extra special. 
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