DIY birthday  parties are so much fun for so many reasons.  You always feel such a sense of satisfaction when you create something yourself.  It gives you the ability to put your own ideas into play and it also saves you money!  Birthday’s can be expensive, especially if you have several children in your family. So, if you’re looking for inspiration, this mornings best blog feature,  East Coast Mommy, is sharing a few of her ideas for DIY birthday parties.  You don’t have to go roam the aisles of your local party store to host an amazing birthday party.

5 DIY Birthday Party Ideas

5 DIY Birthday Party Ideas

1.  Circus Party  – This is a great list of easy DIY birthday ideas for a circus party including the cake, cupcakes, favors, games and more! 2.  Monkey Party  – Perfect for a baby turning one, this has lots of ideas for baby friendly food choices.  This also gives you a list of 5 easy DIY planning ideas for a successful party. 3.  Superhero Party  – If your little boy (or little girl!) is into superheros, here are some DIY ideas for their birthday party.  This is complete with Spiderman cakes, games and even a few crafts. 4.  Star Wars Party  – Create a “Jedi Training Academy” for your little ones next birthday party.  This has several ideas for pretend Jedi training and a certificate you can pass out at the end. 5.  Loot Bag Ideas  – Alternatives to the traditional party “loot bag” filled with candy and temporary tattoos.  Books, balls and personalized stickers are a few nice thank-you’s. Thank you for sharing these inspiring DIY birthday party ideas with us, East Coast Mommy!

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  1. . I liked the Circus Party, Superhero Party, Loot Bag Idea, and Star Wars Party ideals, but the Monkey Party was very different. I found that this was great information. I like doing theme partys, or just hiritng a magician. I found a great magician that I used at my last party that blew everyone away. He was very funny, and very entertaining. Here is his website. Check him out.

  2. If your doing a Superman party for your little guy I have an easy centerpiece idea for you. You will need a square plastic container. I used a large land o lakes container. Tape, construction paper, blue crayon, rock candy, and red foam (we used the kind found in fake flowers). My son and I colored a yellow piece of paper blue, he wanted the yellow to show through for some reason. It actually turned out looking really good. Tape your colored paper all around the outside of container. Make true superman symbols and tape or paste them on both sides. Cut foam to size so it fits in container perfectly. Poke rock candy (use green so it looks like kryptonite) into foam. Keep filling in foam until it looks like a huge kryptonite rock. It is cute and easy to do.

  3. Love the monkey party! There is so much inspiration for DIY parties on the Internet, especially Pinterest, that there really isn’t any difficulty finding the inspiration to do it yourself 🙂


  4. I let my kids have a farting party. I gave them all beans and then let them outside. They had a rootn tootn good time. Peace out Eagle Scout ?