With this colorable blank United States map, we can learn about the regions of the United States, where they are located and label the states. These blank U.S. map coloring pages double as a printable USA map for learning too. Yay! Just download and print the United States map printable pdf file.

United States Map Coloring Pages Square
These coloring maps of the United States are ready to be printed and colored.

Free Printable Blank United States Map Coloring Pages

The United States is the third-largest country in the world by area, where you can find hills and mountains, plains, canyons, rivers, valleys, coasts, and so many more geographical features.

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These blank US map coloring pages are a great way to enhance your kids’ knowledge in American geography without opening a text book. One page is a blank US map with states and the other is a labeled map U.S.

Printable Map of the United States Set Includes:

1. Blank United States Map Coloring Page

blank united states map printed pdf file shown with black line drawing (simple) of the blank USA map with the letters "USA" above - Kids Activities Blog
How many U.S. states can you find in this printable map of the USA?

Our first coloring page is a completely blank US map for kids that love a challenge – you can make it a game and try to see how many states they can find and label.

Younger kids can grab their paint brush and color each state in the USA map a different color. Older kids can add geographic details and labels to the printable map of the United States.

2. Labeled United States Map With State Names Coloring Page

United States Map with state labels printed pdf file shown with black line drawing and simple state labels available spaces for coloring or additional drawing and labeling
This printable map of the United States includes state names!

Our second printable map of the United states includes the labels of each of the US states. This US map coloring page is perfect for first grade and older kids.

Kids can use this printable USA map for coloring and practicing the names of the states with crayons or coloring pencils.

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Download Printable Blank United States Map pdf Files Here

This USA map coloring page set is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

Whether you are looking for a new way to celebrate a patriotic holiday like Independence Day or simply need a United States travel map for a coloring activity, these free United States map for kids coloring maps are all you need.

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United States Map Coloring Pages Feature Image
Free United States map coloring pages for kids and adults.

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Did you enjoy our printable blank United States map coloring pages?

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  1. This coloring map of the United States is such a great learning tool. I’m printing off extras so I can color alongside the kiddos.

  2. I love how many uses there are for simple blank US maps. My boys seem to need to work with their hands for lessons to sink in. Labeling maps has shown to be beneficial in both geography and history lessons within our homeschool.

  3. Geography can be tough! Thank you for this fun and helpful blank US map. I’m excited to help the kids color and learn.

  4. This coloring map of the United States is perfect for my Social Studies unit on our country. I can’t wait to use it with my students.

  5. This is a great coloring map of the United States. I like to keep these on hand for a fun filler review activity. It’s also something to keep my boys’ hands busy while I’m doing a read-aloud. We can’t get enough of the educational coloring pages!

  6. Blank US maps are a great way to learn so many different geographical lessons! Whether it’s states, capitals, agricultural, etc..there are so many uses for a map coloring page!

  7. I just love this coloring map of united states! This is so helpful for teachers, but also a really cool way to keep kids busy in the car or plane during spring and summer travel! After it’s labeled, you can even put a small sticker on all the stated you have visited! Have fun while learning something!

  8. Using a blank us map is THE best way to help kids learn where each state is! When I was in grade school we had an “I Know NY” and “I Know the USA” challenge, where we would get a blank map and a completed map to study off of and practice. Once we could correctly fill out a blank map of each on our own, in a test-like situation, we got shirts with those sayings above. Every kid just NEEDED to have those shirts, and competition was stiff, haha!