Dr. Who Crafts are perfect for those who love the Dr. Who series. These Dr. Who crafts are great for kids of all ages, particularly older kids and adults. These are fun and most of them are simple crafts.

Dr Who Crafts for tweens- bejeweled screw driver, dalek mug, and dr who guess who game- kids activities blog
There are so many fun DIY Dr. Who Crafts!

Great Dr. Who Crafts

My kiddos have just discovered the world of the Time Lords! Dr. Who!! There are over a dozen seasons and to say the kiddos are hooked is an understatement.

I can’t be the only home with tweens who are role playing various shows – for hours.  If your kiddos are like ours, they will love sharing these Dr. Who activities with their pals.

Fun Dr. Who Crafts For Kids And Adults

1. Free Printable Dr. Who Coloring Pages

It is fun seeing my big kids do some of the things they loved when they were little, all in the name of “The Doctor” – like these Dr Who coloring pages.

2. DIY Dr. Who Guess Who Game

Karen had fun creating a Guess Who game – full of the various Dr. Who characters. What a great way to test your knowledge of events and characters with each other! via Karen Kavett

3. Make A Fun Dr. Who Mug

Caffeinate!! What a fun mug you can create yourself using oil-based sharpies. via Pinterest 

4. Make A DIY Sequined Screwdriver Craft

Check out this sequined screwdriver!!  — also from Karen. via Karen Kavett

Dr Who craft ideas- tardis wardrobe, dr. who jewelry, dalek pudding, diy screwdriver- kids activities blog
These Dr. Who crafts are so much fun! From edible crafts to regular crafts, they are so great.

Create Dr Who Crafts

5. Turn A Dresser Into A Tardis

Transform a plain white dresser into the tardis and watch how organized items multiply your space!

6. DIY Dr. Who Stackable Ring Craft

Create a set of matching rings!  Your kids and their pals can have a set featuring various Dr. Who characters.

7. Homemade Dalek-Like Cupcake

The Dalek’s don’t need to be destructive!!  Turn a paper cupcake liner upside down and remove the bottom to make a fun dalek-like cupcake.  Perfect for a party!

8. Set Up A Dr. Who Themed Bedroom

How to make a Tardis bedroom – a fun addition to a Dr. Who themed bedroom!

Dr who crafts for kids
We have so many Dr. Who crafts!

Dr Who Activities for Kids

9. Travel The Galaxy Like Dr. Who With This Space Sensory Bottle

Bottle up your galaxies!  Bring a little bit of the stars with you throughout your day!

10. Make Snowflakes That Grow Like The Tardis

Snowflakes that grow
like the Tardis.

11. Make Your Own Fez and Bowties

Want a Fez? Or a bowtie?? Make your own!

12. Tardis Book Library Craft

Expand your horizons with a Tardis Book Library – love it!

Dr Who crafts- tardis tote bag, wibbly wobbly timey wimey pocket watch, DIY screw driver, dalek pizza, tardis and dr who shoes- kids activities blog
I love all these fun Dr. Who crafts, especially the Dalek pizza, yum!

TV Show Themed Activities

13. DIY Dr. Who Tote Bag

Tote Bag. You can get one here or even make your own. All you need is a dark blue tote bag and white and black fabric paint!

14. DIY Dr. Who Pocket Watch

I love the look of this pocket watch!!  It makes time look all wibbly-wobbly!!

15. Homemade Dr. Who Screwdriver

Screwdrivers don’t have to be so compilated, you can make your own Dr. Who Screwdriver with gears, nuts and bolts from your junk collection!

Dr who cookie cutters
You can make Dr. Who cookies!

Tween Craft Ideas

16. Dr. Who Cookie Cutters To Make Dr. Who Cookies

Decorate your own tardis… and then eat it!!  What a fun set of Dr. Who COokie Cutters!

17. Make A Dalek Pizza

What a great idea!!  Food for your TV night!!  A Dalek Pizza!

18. Make Dr. Who Shoes

Decorate your shoes to celebrate your favorite TV Show!

Dr who themed activities- tardis phone case, tardis shoes, tardis necklace, tardis sparkly bottle- kids activities blog
I love the Tardis necklace!

Dr Who Crafts for Kids

19. Tardis Style Phone Case

Get a tardis-styled phone case so you can bring your tardis with you, in your pocket!

20. Wibbly Wobbly Necklace

Too cool!! Bottle up all the Wibbly Wobbly within a necklace! A sure hit with your geeky kids.

21. DIY Tardis Painted Shoes

Dark blue canvas shoes just got a whole lot cooler – your walking in the Tardis!!

22. Space Continum Necklace Craft

Warp the space continum as you bring the Tardis with you – on a necklace!

23. Glow Stars Night Time Bottle Craft

Glowing night-time bottle.  It makes the stars seem closer!!

Text: In 900 years of time and space I've never met anyone who wasn't important with a tardis
One of the best quotes ever!

24. Alternate Universe Terrarium Craft

Make an alternate universe for Dr Who!! Inside a Terrarium!

25. DIY Growing Tardis Card

What a fun birthday card idea!! It grows! This Tardis card just gets bigger and bigger on the inside.

Love Dr. Who and Space? We Have More Sci-Fi Crafts From Kids Activities Blog

Which Dr. Who crafts are you going to try?

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