History was made on May 31, 2020 when SpaceX’s Crew Dragon docked at the International Space Station. For the first time in nine years, NASA astronauts arrived at the ISS aboard an American commercial space shuttle.

It was an exciting moment, and it prompted my kids to ask all sorts of questions about space and gravity.

NASA astronauts arrived at the International Space Station on May 31, 2020. Source: Facebook/NASA

What Happens Next Aboard the International Space Station

After traveling through space for 19 hours, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon docked at the ISS at 10:16 am Eastern Sunday morning. The process of docking took a few hours, as they had to link things like power between the Dragon and the ISS.

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There was also 12 total latches in order to ensure they had an air-lock seal. Once that was done, they began to open the hatches.


In zero gravity, the astronauts boarded the ISS in an historic moment… one that captured the attention of people of all ages from all over the globe. Thousands upon thousands of people watched the NASA live stream.


So what’s next? At the time of this writing, they’re celebrating with a Welcome Ceremony. It’s a huge thing to celebrate after all, considering they made it through three major milestones, including launch, docking, and boarding without any major issues. It’s a huge accomplishment, one that has been in the making for nine years.

Now the NASA astronauts will spend anywhere from the next month to three months working aboard the International Space Station. This is a big step toward the ultimate goal of sending astronauts to Mars.

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