How do you store all your LEGO? Plastic totes or bins? Back in the original boxes? Somehow all over the floor where you want to cry when you step on it?

We have tried various options over the years and plastic drawers had been the closest thing I wanted to good storage, but it was still lacking something.

I’m pretty sure IKEA realized the woes of all parents and they have now partnered with LEGO to introduce an entire line of IKEA LEGO storage containers!

IKEA LEGO Storage Containers
Courtesy of IKEA

The all new IKEA BYGGLEK storage boxes are perfect for your LEGO builder. Not only do they provide easy to store storage, the top of the box is filled with LEGO studs to become a building surface. The sides also feature embedded LEGO studs to add more creativity to your building.

Courtesy of IKEA

Multiple sizes will be available, so you can customize your boxes to your LEGO collection. Currently, IKEA will be offering a larger box for $14.99, a medium box for $12.99, and a set of three smaller boxes for $9.99. All boxes come with the lids you can build on. IKEA will also be selling a Bygglek 201-piece Lego brick set for $14.99

The BYGGLEK LEGO IKEA storage containers will be available in IKEA stores and online in North America and Europe on October 1, 2020.

Courtesy of IKEA

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