Colorful Thankful Turkey Craft Using Kids Handprint

This Easy Thankful Turkey Craft is classic handprint turkey craft with a twist. Making a handprint thankful turkey is Thanksgiving fun for kids of all ages especially for younger kids like pre-k and preschool. This simple and inexpensive craft is perfect for home, school, or daycare.

Easy Thankful Turkey Craft for kids - finished thankful turkey shown with handprint turkey body and colorful feathers with thankful words written on them
Let’s make our own thankful turkey from our handprint!

Easy Handprint Thankful Turkey Craft

This thankful turkey craft is also a cute handprint keepsake because the foundation of this cute Thanksgiving craft is your child’s handprint.

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Be sure to date the back of the turkey so that it’s easy to remember what year your child wrote that he was thankful for. This year for us it was Fruit Roll-Ups and Batman {Giggle}.

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How to Make a Thankful Turkey Craft from Handprint

Easy Thankful Turkey Craft supplies needed to make the thankful turkey craft with kids
This is what you will need to make this Thanksgiving craft.

Supplies Needed

Instructions to Make Thankful Turkey Craft

Step 1 - Easy Thankful Turkey Craft - start with child's handprint on the foam and draw around it - hand shown on brown foam
Let’s start by drawing around your handprint!

Step 1

After gathering supplies, trace your child’s hand on the brown craft foam.

Step 2

Have your child cut out the hand shape out of craft foam.

Step 3 - Easy Thankful Turkey Craft - cut turkey feathers out of foam to write what your child is thankful for
Let’s add what you are thankful for to the turkey feathers

Step 3

Next, cut out 4 feathers from the colored craft foam. We just did this free-hand, but making one feather shape out of cardboard and then using it as a feather template works really well if you are doing this with several children at once.

Step 4

Ask your child to write something they are thankful for on each feather. Younger kids could draw a picture or have an older child or adult write the words.

Step 5

Time to glue everything together! Kids can glue 2 wiggly eyes onto the turkey. Attach the turkey’s feathers, beak, gobbler, and wings to the turkey with Glue Dots or glue.

Ways to Modify this Handprint Turkey Craft Based on Age

  • For younger kids: Cut out a wing, beak, and gobbler for the turkey.
  • For older kids: Have them draw a wing, beak and gobbler with marker on the foam sheets and then cut around them.

Step by Step Pictures for Making this Handprint Turkey

Easy Thankful Turkey step by step pictures for making this handprint turkey with kids
Look how easy it is to make a thankful turkey with your handprint!

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How did your thankful turkey craft turn out? What fun things were your kids thankful for this year?

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