As plans are rolling out for how school is going to look this fall, teachers are busy getting ready for a whole new look to their classrooms.

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For schools planning on using virtual learning, teachers have been using Bitmojis to set up their very own virtual classrooms, complete with Bitmoji teachers, classroom decor, and interactive elements to better reach out to their students.

There are so many ways teachers can customize their virtual classrooms. If you can conceive of an idea, it can be built into a virtual classroom with your Bitmoji.

Some of the awesome customizations we’ve seen so far include:

  • Clickable book covers lead to read alouds of classroom stories, from picture books to chapters
  • Post-it Notes on bulletin boards lead to memos about classwork and projects to try
  • Whiteboards hold the daily class assignments and notes from the teacher
  • Wall posters can be enlarged to see tips and tricks for grammar, math facts, and more
  • Clipboards let students leave notes for their teacher

Teachers can decorate their virtual room with themes, just like they might decorate their real classrooms. From football to fandoms, a virtual classroom can reflect whatever the teacher loves to share with her students.

And, with a virtual classroom, the teacher’s pet is really the teacher’s pet! Dogs, cats, bunnies, and birds have all made their way into these virtual rooms to meet the newest students.

While a virtual classroom might not be exactly what you were expecting this fall, we are amazed how creative teachers have gotten to make their students feel at home.

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