Costco is Selling Upside-Down Lemon Cheesecakes That Come In Reusable Ceramic Pots

The only thing better than a delicious lemon dessert during the summer? When that dessert comes in reusable ceramic pots!

Costco just made summer even better — yet again — with their newest dessert treat: upside-down lemon cheesecakes.

Some Costco locations are now selling Pots & Co’s Upside-Down Lemon Cheesecakes in reusable ceramic dishes. Source: Instagram/Pots & Co

Why I Need these Upside-Down Lemon Cheesecakes STAT

The dessert from U.K. company Pots & Co sounds absolutely divine. The main feature of the dish is, of course, cheesecake. But what makes this dessert extra special are the layers of zesty lemon curd and handmade cookie crumble. YUM.

Each package, priced at $11.99, comes with four individual desserts. Share them with the family, or keep them alllll for yourself. We won’t judge.

Just in case that wasn’t reason enough to go run out and grab the upside-down lemon cheesecakes, each serving comes in its very own reusable ceramic dish. How awesome is that? So whether you want some new dishware or a delicious dessert, this 4-pack has got you covered.

As one person commented said on Instagram: “You’re actually buying a 4 pack of ramekins and it comes with free cake as a bonus.” I like the way he thinks.

Word on the street is that these delicious upside-down lemon cheesecakes are currently only available in Southeast Costco warehouses.

Source: Reddit

But the good news is: this is far from the only dessert in a ramekin available at Costco. They also previously released maple and pecan lava cakes that also come in reusable ceramic dishes.

Can you tell I’m excited about these ramekins? Yeah, my excitement for the dishware is about at the same level as it is for the dessert. Now please excuse me while I go on my regular Costco warehouse run.

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