We hope you are enjoying our Marble League series, because we are just getting started!

Marble Runs is all about having fun and finding your favorite team. If you are curious about the Indigo Stars marble racing team, today you are going to learn all about them!

And if you’d like to have your personal Indigo Stars poster and trading cards, we have added special printables for you to download, print and color!

Marble runs Indigo Stars team logo printable
We made some pretty cool Indigo Stars printables to make your day more colorful!

The Indigo Stars are indigo-colored marbles that used to be known as Purple Stars before they changed their name.

Indigo Stars Marble LEague 2020
Image Source: Marble Sports
The logo for the Indigo Stars includes their pretty official colors!

Everything you need to know about the Indigo Stars

Indigo Stars’ current members are Indie, Gogo, Diego, Bingo, and Montoya as reserve. Indie became team captain in 2019, while Ringo has been their coach since 2019.

Show Indigo Stars your support by using the hashtag #FiveStars.

Indigo Stars Marble Racing Marble League 2020(1)
Image Source: Marble Sports
Indie, Gogo, Diego and Bingo, the original members of the Indigo Stars.

Their first appearance with this name was in the Marble League 2019, so they’re one of the newest marble racing teams in this tournament!

Marble League Medals:

  • 1 Bronze

Total: 1 medal

Indigo Stars 2019 Marble League Qualifiers
Image Source: Marble Sports
The Indigo Stars in the 2019 Marble League Qualifiers, where they left everyone impressed with their performance!

Indigo Stars’ best event is:

  • Surfing (2019)

The Indigo Stars team members

Don’t forget to check out our Indigo Stars Printables that we made for you!

Indigo Stars 2020 Marble League
Find our fun Indigo Stars printables at the end of this page!
  • Indie:
    Active years: 2019 – Present
    Color: Indigo
    Marble League Medals: 0
    Best event: Sand Rally (2019)
  • Gogo:
    Active years: 2019 – Present
    Color: Indigo
    Marble League Medals: 0
    Best event: 5 Meter Sprint (2019)
  • Diego:
    Active years: 2019 – Present
    Color: Indigo
    Marble League Medals: 0
    Best event: Elimination Race (2019)
  • Bingo:
    Active years: 2019 – Present
    Color: Indigo
    Marble League Medals: 1 Bronze (Surfing 2019)
    Best event: Surfing (2019)

The Indigo Stars Trivia

  • Purple Stars were renamed to the Indigo Stars because purple is a rare marble color, and indigo felt like a more appropriate name for the team.

The Indigo Stars Printables

Indigo Stars Marble League Printables
If you are a fan of the Indigo Stars, check out our free printables for an afternoon filled with marbles and colors!

Get our free Indigo Stars Printables! They include one big Indigo Stars coloring poster and 4 Marble trading cards to draw and color Indigo Stars team members!

Download here:

More Coloring Pages & Marble Race League Fun:

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Let’s play marbles!

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