We are continuing our Marble League series, today we are learning all about Snowballs, a white marble team that was introduced in Marble League 2016.

The Snowballs were the host team of Marble League 2018 and so they were automatically qualified for the tournament.

Keep on reading to find out more about this team and don’t forget to check out our Snowballs printables for your little ones.

Marble Runs Snowballs team logo printable
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The team is represented by Snow, Snowy, Snowflake and Snowstorm; their coach is Blizzard and Snowflake became team captain in 2019.

Snowballs Marble Runs 2020
Image Source: Marble Sports
The logo for Snowballs includes a pretty snowflake.

Everything you need to know about the Snowballs

The Snowballs’ hashtag is #SnowMuchFun so be sure to use it if you want to support them in the Marble League 2020 events.

Snowballs team Marble League 2020
Image Source: Marble Sports
Snow, Snowy, Snowflake and Snowstorm are the original and current members of the Snowballs.

The Snowballs are white marbles that actually are often confused with the Pinkies because of the similarity in their colors. They have been active since 2016 and have participated in 2 Marble Leagues already!

The Snowballs Marble League Medals:

  • 1 Gold
  • 2 Bronze

Total: 3 medals

Snowball's first gold medal in the Marble League
Image Source: Marble Sports
Snowball’s first gold medal ever in the Marble League 2018!

Snowballs’ best event is:

  • Team Pursuit (2018)

The Snowballs’ team members:

Don’t forget to check out our Snowballs Printables!

Snowballs Marble League 2020
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  • Snow:
    Active years: 2016 – Present
    Color: White
    Marble League Medals: 0
    Best event: 5 Meter Ice Dash (2018)
  • Snowy:
    Active years: 2016 – Present
    Color: White
    Marble League Medals: 0
    Best event: Snow Rally (2018)
  • Snowflake:
    Active years: 2016 – Present
    Color: White
    Marble League Medals: 1 Bronze (Speed Skating, 2018)
    Best event: Speed Skating (2018)
  • Snowstorm:
    Active years: 2016 – Present
    Color: White
    Marble League Medals: 0
    Best event: Ski Jump (2018)

The Snowballs trivia

  • The Snowballs are the best performing Marble League host team so far!
  • The Snowballs, Mellow Yellow, the O’rangers and the Pinkies are the only teams that are a solid color.

The Snowballs Printables

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