How to play marbles is knowledge that kids can utilize for hours of fun.   Before the weather changes, head to the playground for this November game.   If you missed the balmy fall weather, then try an indoor variation!   Kids Activities Blog loves these nostalgic games that level the playing field between adults and kids. The beauty of playground games is that children usually learn them from each other and not from adults. The rules are never fixed – they can be changed just as long as everyone in the game agrees.

Play Marbles

Here’s a version of a game of marbles I remember playing in grade school. There are actually lots of different ways of playing this game. If you know different versions of this game, I would love to hear about them.

Marble Game: Follows


Before beginning this marble game of follows, two rules must be agreed upon by the players:
  1. Keeps or Friendlies? If you decide it’s for keeps it means you get to keep the marbles you win off your opponents. Friendlies means you give back the marbles you win.
  2. Clears or No Clears? Clears means that you can clear away any sticks, stones or other obstacles between you and your target. No clears means you can’t do this.

How to Play

This is particular marble game usually played by two people. Each player needs only one marble. To decide who will start, draw a line on the ground. Each player then throws their marble as close to the line as possible. The closest to the line starts the game. The aim of the game is to hit your opponent’s marble three times in a row. Each player takes it in turns trying to hit each others marble. If the marble is hit, you get another shot. If it misses, it’s your opponent’s turn.  

 November Games

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  1. WE love playing with JUMBO marbles. WE found some at an antique mall. They are just the right size for bigger hands! Thanks for this great twist on the game. Can’t wait to introduce my kids to the idea.

  2. It’s hard to go wrong with marbles. I guess that’s why it has stood the test of time and every generation plays it. xo P

    1. Confining the game to the traditional circular game space could be one of the rules of the game, though from memory this wasn’t necessary. Would be a good idea though 🙂