Penguin Printable Pack

New week, new printable for kids!

When you think about winter, which animals come to mind? I’m sure penguins are one of them, and that’s why you’ll love this adorable penguin printable pack!



Penguin Printable Pack



Penguin Printable Pack for Kids

This pack has 5 fun learning  pages. There is a fun maze to solve, where kids will help the penguin find his way home. There is also counting practice, and a whole lot of coloring involved in this learning pack! Colors are important too, so there’s one worksheet for kids that involves drawing a line between penguins wearing clothes in a specific color to their home.

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Why Printables?

Whether you are a homeschooling mama, mom to a preschooler, looking to supplement the lessons your child learns in school, or just looking for something fun and educational to do with your kids, printables are perfect! I prefer them to workbooks from the store, because I can piece together the lessons I want to go over with my children.

For example, I did this penguin printable pack with my daughter after a fun trip to the aquarium! It was a great way to reinforce and discuss all of the wonderful things she learned about out little flippered friends, and a fun and cheap way to extend our outing, from the comfort of our couch!


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