A swimming doll?  I had never seen a swimming doll until this one popped up and it is a really cool thing for your pool (or bath tub). Whether it’s a permanent pool, a pop-up pool, or a kiddie pool or a family bath tub you definitely need this swimming doll information.

Cabbage Patch Swimming Doll with Unicorn Float in the backyard pool
Let’s go swimming with our doll!

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Cabbage Patch Swimming Doll for Kids

Oh! And this swimming doll comes with a unicorn float…double awesome. It is a doll that swims with her own floatie. I love this baby doll so much!

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This Cabbage Patch Kids Splash N’ Float Newborn is definitely a must-have for water play and this adorable doll even comes with its own unicorn floatie for the pool.

This Swimming Doll:

swimming doll in unicorn floatie in the bath tub with water
Swimming in the tub is fun even for this swimming doll!
  1. At 9 inches tall, this swimming doll is perfect for any pool or tub your child wants to play in.
  2. The blue-eyed baby doll is designed for water play, including posable arms and legs, along with drainage holes to prevent water from staying inside the doll after swimming.
  3. She arrives wearing a removable swim suit and matching headband, and smells like fresh baby powder.  
  4. Her unicorn floatie is included and just needs to be blown up quickly for use in the water.

Cabbage Patch Adoption

Cabbage Patch Swimming Doll in swim suit and headband
This swimming doll has her own bikini swimsuit and matching headband.

Like all Cabbage Patch Kids, the Cabbage Patch Kids Splash N’ Float Newborn comes with her very own name, an adoption certificate, and a birth announcement.

Other Swimming Dolls from Cabbage Patch

little girl with swimming doll and floatie
Let’s adopt this Cabbage Patch swimming doll!

1. Cabbage Patch Kids Deluxe Swimming Doll with Flamingo Float

Besides the blue-eyed baby doll with the unicorn floatie, there is also a brown-eyed baby girl Cabbage Patch Kids Deluxe Splash N’ Float that comes with a flamingo floatie and sunglasses.  

I think I need both!

swimming doll with brown eyes and a flamingo float
I absolutely need both of these swimming dolls!

2. Cabbage Patch Bubble ‘n Bath Doll with Swim Tube

While not classified as a swimming doll, this Cabbage Patch Kids Bubble ‘n Bath Baby Doll with Inflatable Swim tube and duck robe is another doll that can go into the water. 

Whether it is a bath tub or a swimming pool, this baby is ready for fun with an intertube float!

Bath and Bubble Cabbage Patch Kid - baby doll that can swim or play in tub
This baby doll is ready for splashing!

Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

Cabbage Patch Kids bring back such great memories, and it’s so awesome that they are now available for purchase again.  

You are definitely going to want to get one of these Splash N’ Float Cabbage Patch Kids for your kids.

swimming doll with float and girl
Let’s go swimming!

The Cabbage Patch Kids Splash N’ Float Newborn with unicorn floatie is available on Amazon for $21.99, and the Cabbage Patch Kids Deluxe Splash N’ Float Newborn with flamingo floatie and sunglasses is available for $17.99.

More Swimming Dolls We Love

  • This Water Baby Doll –  Swimming Doll for pool or bathtub is waterproof and electric.  It is fun to take to the pool or lake because it swims the breaststroke moving his/her legs and arms.
  • Bloopies Swimming Mimi Doll is the perfect bathtub toy or companion for the lake or pool.
  • Looking for a mermaid?  Disney Princess Glitter ‘n Glow Ariel Doll with Lights, Mermaid Tail and Water, Sparkles and Seashells makes the perfect bath or pool friend.  She has 3 light modes and is safe for water play.
  • Check out the towel and flamingo float that comes with Adora Water Baby Doll for splash time baby tot fun.  This swimming doll is great for the bathtub, shower and swimming pool.
  • This swimming doll comes with a unicorn float and 3 other bath time accessories.  It is the Gi-Go Bath Time 12″ Baby Doll.
  • Oh the cuteness!  This Adora Baby Bath Toy Unicorn has the cutest unicorn hoodie robe and is made of QuikDri material in the body which makes it a good choice for durable bath and pool play.
swimming doll with unicorn float
I need a floatie like that too!

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Do you have a swimming doll?  Grab your teddy and let’s head to the pool!

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