Costco is Selling Cabbage Patch Kids Sets for Under $20

If you live near Costco and have a membership, rush into your local store because Costco is Selling Cabbage Patch Kids Sets for Under $20!


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I’ve never felt more alive. . #costcocabbagepatchkids #cabbagepatchkids ???????????????? . #bestoftheday #instadaily #instagood #saturday

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The deal is good on the Fantasy, Woodland & Zoo Collections that come in 3-packs. They are priced at $19.99 making them a perfect gift idea!

Even if you don’t have a daughter or a girl this age, you can buy them and donate them next month to Toys for Tots or other children in need of toys for Christmas!

It looks like this deal is NOT available online and is valid in-store only. I highly suggest you head in before these are long gone!


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Cabbage patch doll!!!?? SOLD OUT! Difficult find now!! . #cabbagepatchkids #cabbagepatchdoll #poshmark #poshmarkseller #mercari #mercariseller Find me @piyokochan Poshmark

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  1. Susan G Woodward says:

    I want the cabbage patch dolls on sale for $20.00 at Costco except I have a problem. 1. No membership. 2. No Costco near me. 3. I am disabled and I can’t travel. I’m on oxygen 24/7 and can’t tank 5-7 tanks of oxygen with me to go anywhere.

  2. Brandy Thomas says:

    Go online, sign up and purchase online. they you never have to leave the house. or ask people to do it for you.

  3. Please fix your blog, “DAUGHTERS/GIRLS”….a doll isn’t exclusive to just girls. Little boys and sons can also enjoy dolls.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Just a friendly suggestion…. please adjust your wording as girls are not the only kids who can play with cabbage patch dolls! Dolls should not be a specific gender toy!

  5. “Even if you don’t have a daughter or a girl this age, you can buy them and donate them next month to Toys for Tots or other children in need of toys for Christmas!”

    Or you could buy them for your sons, which I’m going to be doing if they still have these.

  6. Little girls will have so much fun with these cabbage Patch dolls. Great idear.

  7. Edwina Lane says:

    When did this sale start? Is it still ongoing?

  8. ”Even if you don’t have a daughter or a girl this age,“

    Shame on you for writing this as if only girls play with dolls . My son would love these

  9. Omg! People! Freaking geeze louise with the whole “boys play with girls dolls” I get it! Gender neutral for all you sensitive people that feel like the whole world is talking to you. You are raising kids that feel the need to bitch and complain about EVERYTHING! My kid plays with “boy” and “girl” toys I’m not offended if someone one says it’s a toy opposite of their gender. It most likely was to gain that particular “gender” attention. This has gotten out of control with people freaking out over stupid shit. How about you shut your mouth and help a child in need (regardless of their gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion) or do something more productive with your time like volunteer at a boys and girls club (is it still appropriate to call it that or do we need to change that too lol) or invest in donating to public schools that need assistance with classroom items such as books, paper, color pencils, etc. you get my drift. Stop ? with the “my son plays with dolls and no it’s not a girls toy” WHY YES SUSAN IT IS A F’ing GIRLS TOY! ?

  10. Costco likes to keep their stores camera free because they get a higher shoplifting conviction rate but that also means no security cameras to look at if our kids were to get kidnapped while we are shopping there.

  11. Lol at all the complaints about “dolls for girls”
    If your son needs a doll, just go to Costco and get them don’t be so offended.

  12. I just tried to get them in Denton Tx and Fort Worth, Tx they don’t have them

  13. Well said Cheryl!

  14. Cheryl you are my soul right now. Well said!

  15. Ann McCann says:

    They don’t have them in Rockwall TX either ??

  16. Exactly what Cheryl said thank you Cheryl!

  17. Wendy Bliss says:

    Not just girl’s but boy’s can play with dolls to

  18. Dinah Cummins says:

    I live in cincinnati ohio and not a member or drive at all. Is there a store nearby we can buy them. Or order them. i would like to order 3 of different ones.they are so cute..

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