If I am at the pool, you can bet that the words coming out of my kids’ mouths are: “Mom, I’m SO hungry!  Did you bring any snacks?”   It’s almost a guarantee.  What is it about the pool that makes our kids so hungry? I know I’ve been tempted by the ease and convenience of those granola bars & snack bags, but quick and easy snacks don’t have to be junk food!  Healthy SIMPLE Pool Snacks for Kids!

Healthy SIMPLE Pool Snacks for Kids…

Snacking and empty calories don’t have to go hand in hand. Opting for healthy snacks is easier and tastier than you may have ever imagined. All it takes is mixing and matching and some creativity and you’ll have snacks that are both healthy and appealing. Healthy snacks can be created for people of all ages from children to adults with a wide variety of tastes with less effort than you may first think. When your kids start asking for snacks… you’ll be prepared! Today we are sharing healthy, homemade simple pool snacks for kids.   They are super easy to make & easy to take to the pool. 🙂 -Turkey Wrap- Fill a whole wheat tortilla with low-fat turkey.  Skip the mayonnaise and use plenty of fresh veggies like lettuce and tomatoes instead. This snack will definitely tide you over until mealtime with a great deal fewer calories than a packaged snack. -Fruit Salad- Cut up your favorite fruit and drizzle it with lemon juice as a natural preservative. Put it in small containers or bags.  Keep it in the fridge until you are ready to head out.  This makes it a snack that is just as convenient as those high fat, high-calorie convenience-snack alternatives. -Ants on a Log- Cut up fresh celery into small pieces and top with peanut butter and top with raisins.  Kids love making and eating this one, a great way to get them interested in healthy snack creation.  Throw it into an airtight container or wrap it in foil for later. OR… take a jar of Peanut Butter, some cleaned celery & the raisins to the pool.  When the kids take a break, let them make this snack & eat it, too! -Trail Mix- Mix some dry low-sugar cereal with dried nuts and raisins and maybe throw in some other dried fruit as well and you’ll have a healthy mix that’ll keep you energized in-between meals for sure. -Tortilla Chips and Salsa- Pair low-fat, low-salt baked tortilla chips with your favorite salsa. It is a spicy, tasty favorite that you can enjoy without packing on the pounds. -Cracker Snackers- Pair whole-grain, low-sodium crackers with low-fat apples, lean sandwich meat, tuna, or peanut butter for a crunchy snack that you can vary greatly to make it interesting every time. -Bananas that have a secret message on them – Before you leave the house, take a pencil, pen or small knife and CARVE a message into the banana peel.  Over the next few minutes or hour, the carving will darken to reveal your secret message.   You can even have the kids write messages before they go, then throw them into the pool-bag for a snack & secret-code reading later. -Fruit Kabobs- Alternate chunks of fresh fruit on a toothpick or skewer stick for a tasty, fun snack with a stylish appearance. Do you want a great after-pool snack?   -Fruit Smoothie- Combine your favorite cut-up fresh fruit and non-fat plain yogurt in a blender for a tasty, filling smoothie treat.  It’s a great way to replenish that energy & the vitamins from the fun, but busy day or swimming.   Find the recipe for a great Frozen Fruit smoothie here.  Frozen Fruit Smoothie Snacking can be both quick and healthy. Healthy snacking is key to good health, peak performance, and sets a great example for younger children. The ideas above are all great starts on the trend towards healthier snacking, however, the possibilities are endless. Think of all your favorite healthy snacks and think of interesting and fun ways that you can put them together to make a tasty creation. 12 Sweet School Themed Treats to Celebrate the End of the Year You just may be surprised what you come up with little effort and a lot of creativity! Do you want more ideas?   Here are FIVE more snacks that are perfect for the pool.  Check out these other healthy snacks for kids! Don’t miss our pool bag hacks to keep your summer easy and organized!

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