Looking for more fun things to do this summer? Why not work on your gold swing all while you’re poolside?

The PurePutt Floating Golf Green is great add-on to pool time, and your collection of floating pool game toys and coolest pool floats. Everyone needs some great backyard toys to help pass the time.

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The PurePutt Floating Golf Green is a floating 3 foot by 3 foot putting green that can go right in your pool, allowing you to practice your favorite shots with a real water hazard. Just set up the putting green, place it in your pool, and grab your golf clubs to start playing.

Each Floating Golf Green comes with floating golf balls, tee box for chipping, premium golf flag and pin, regulation cup and detailed instructions. While regular golf balls can be used, floating ones make it easier to retrieve the balls that end up missing the green.


Floating Golf Greens come in a variety of sizes, from the Ace 3×3 all the way up to the original 4×6 version, depending on the size of your pool and the ability of the players. You can even buy a few sizes to set up different challenges.

The PurePutt Floating Golf Green is available on Amazon for $189.95 and includes free shipping. It’s the perfect gift for the dads in your life too.

Great Gifts for Dads

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