Tomorrow is not just any Thursday, it’s the day you call into work. Play sick. Really sick. Because you can now watch every season of Little House on the Prairie.

Get Ready to Call into Work Sick Because You Can Now Watch Every Season of Little House on the Prairie

Yup, you read that right. All 9 seasons of this beloved series is streaming on Amazon right now! Not a prime member? Sign-up for a free 30-day trial here and start streaming. You can cancel before your trial ends and totally finish the series if you just cancel all your plans for the next 30 days. Our feelings won’t be hurt.   4 decades after it originally aired in 1974, we can finally relive our favorite moments over and over again if we really want to. Moments like when Mary goes blind, Laura’s wedding to Almanzo Wilder, and when an anthrax outbreak wreaks havoc on the pastoral Walnut Grove. Okay, some of those you’ll also need to bring the tissues. Which again, you can totally snag on Amazon…. #justsayin Did you know… The premise of the show surfaced from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s popular Little House book series (inspired by her own upbringing). The TV rendition followed the quaint pioneer lives of Charles and Caroline Ingalls, who raised Mary, Laura, Carrie, and adopted children Albert, James, and Cassandra on Minnesota farmland in the late 1800s. Melissa Gilbert stars as protagonist and frequent narrator Laura. Little House on the Prairie sadly called it quits in 1983, until the Hallmark Channel came to the rescue with reruns later and we still can’t thank them enough. So, why are you still here? Login to your Amazon Prime account and start streaming today. Your little heart will thank you.

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