Before you pull out the old fake Christmas tree, or you go out and buy a fresh fir, you have to check out this Instagram-worthy idea.

This new take on a Christmas tree involves succulents, and it’s so cute!

These are succulent Christmas trees and there are so many variations and ways that you can make your own succulent Christmas tree! Each and every one is so unique and pretty!

You can use them as a Christmas tree replacement or even just as Christmas-themed center pieces for your tables!

Don’t worry, if you aren’t skilled in gardening or anything to do with plants, shops all over Etsy have picked up on this special Christmas decoration.

You can make your own specialized Christmas tree with ornaments and lights, or go and buy a succulent Christmas tree that fits just right with your holiday traditions!

The succulent Christmas trees will run you about $130 but they are so adorable, they are entirely worth it!

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