The bees need our help. They play a vital role in our ecosystem. They pollinate flowering plants all over the world, in turn making sure we all have food to eat. But due to factors like human impact and climate change, their homes have been destroyed. That’s why IKEA is encouraging people everywhere to design their own bee house.

Bee house design
Source: SPACE10/Photo_by_Irina_Boersma
IKEA’s innovation hub, Space10, created a way for anyone to download a free bee home design.

How to Get Your Own Custom Bee House

In honor of World Bee Day on May 20, IKEA’s innovation hub, SPACE10, released a really cool tool that allows anyone to design and download a design for a Bee Home. This is an amazing way to teach our kids about bees, how they live, and why it’s so important to help them.

Source: SPACE10/Niklas Adrian

To design your very own bee home, head to Beehome.Design to get started. When you choose “Design your Bee Home,” you can customize a bee house to fit your space, backyard, patio — wherever you want to install it.

Choose the height and how many stories it will be. Next, tell the app where you plan on installing it, because that will affect the design too. Then simply download the custom bee home plans and hand them off to your local CNC machine-owner, so they can build it for you. Easy peasy!

Bee Home Design

Maintenance is also a breeze. After its made, install the bee home and then leave it be. It only needs to be cleaned every third year.

Source: SPACE10/Brendan Austin

The Bee Home will not only benefit the bees, but it’s a great opportunity to to teach your kids about the different kinds of bees.

For starters, did you know that 90% of bees are solitary? That means they don’t need colonies or large hives… just a small place for them to live, stay safe in the weather, store pollen, and lay eggs. That’s why a bee home like the ones IKEA/SPACE10 are suggesting are so perfect!

If your kids are scared of bees, like my two young ones are, you can also reassure them that they rarely sting. That’s because solitary bees don’t have a hive to protect, and only female solitary bees have stingers.

This is such a fun project, one that can benefit not only your garden but the bee population. If you build a bee home, be sure to share it using the #beehome hashtag!


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