If you enjoy Halloween and plants as much as we do, you’re going to LOVE this! Target recently released a variety of succulent plant sets that are Halloween inspired, and they’re also super affordable!

Halloween decoration ideas
Get into the halloween spirit with these target halloween decor that you can get both online and in-store!

I love Halloween, but I need easy and inexpensive – and these adorable Target halloween succulents are perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit!

Houseplants are one of the easiest ways to brighten up your home without investing much money or time. Recently, I put a succulent plant in my living room and it was such a game-changer!

Target halloween decor
Source: Target
Isn’t this black cat ceramic pot adorable?

These target halloween succulents are all under $5, some are even $3 and $4, so go get yours now!

Whether you are looking for mom life hacks, cute Halloween decor or holiday activities for kids to do, just keep on reading.

Halloween Home decor
It’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween decor!

Target Halloween decorations

I am a sucker for Halloween home decor, especially when it involves plants, that are unusual, cute, and easy to care for like succulents.

Target white ghost
Source: Target
You will find a variety of spooky ceramic pots: a white ghost, a black cat, a large skull, and more.

One of my favorite things about succulents is that they are easy-care and drought tolerant, so if you’re slightly forgetful like me, you won’t have to worry about watering them every day.

Actually, succulent plants should only be watered once a week!

Target halloween black bat
Source: Target
This purple succulent in a bat-shaped plant pot is selling fast!

These target Halloween decor are one of a kind, and for only $5 you can get your own spooky succulent plant too.

So, next time you are at Target, ask for these cute ceramic pots or go straight to Target.com’s Hyde & Eek Boutique where you will find this and more spooky Halloween decor.

Don’t wait too long because they are going to go fast!

Want more spooky Halloween crafts?

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