This astronaut vase is the coolest vases ever! Not only is the vase itself lovely, but there are astronauts and lights! Keep your plants alive in style with these astronaut vases. Perfect if you or your kids are interested in space!

Light up astronaut vases with flower from Amazon with a green plan inside
Love these space themed decorations!

Astronaut Vase

Ahhh I love unique things and I love space. That is why, as soon as I saw these Light Up Astronaut Flower Vases, I knew I just HAD to have them!! They are such a cute kid room decoration as well and the illumination of the flower bowl makes it a special piece for kids of all ages.

If you or your kids love space, they are going to love these space themed flower vases.

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2 light up flower vases themed space shown with plants
The vase lights show through the water and up into the astronaut’s shield.

Light Up Astronaut Glass Vase

This Space Astronaut glass hydroponic vase comes with LED lights.

Details of the space vase shown in a collage- Gold astronaut, scuba diver, light under vase, and battery holder
Little details make the space vase special.

LED Astronaut Vase for Home

It is perfect for displaying your favorite plants on your desk, counter top or shelf. It can be beautiful decoration in any places like home, garden, bathroom, kitchen, or living room.

Gold Astronaut holding clear vase ready for planting against a black and white background
What are you going to put in your space vase?

Because of the design, I am also thinking you could use this as a mini fish bowl for a goldfish or something.

The vase comes in two colors: gold or silver so you can get the color that matches your home decor.

Silver Astronaut holding clear vase ready for planting against a black and white background
This is the silver version of the astronaut vase.

Buy this Cool Astronaut Space Vase

You can order your own Light Up Astronaut Flower Vases Here. I love the idea of planting a plant like this one…

White Astronaut vase holding a green plant and water against a gray background
You can put all sorts of plants in these astronaut vases. I think I’d like to put some kitchen herbs in it!

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What would you plant in your astronaut light up vase?

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