You Can Get Boxes of Uncooked Cookies and Pastries From Costco. Here’s How.

You guys!! I just found out some crazy cool information about Costco, are you ready? You can buy Boxes of Uncooked Cookies and Pastries From Costco! That means, you can get that Costco taste, in bulk and have them stored away for any time you want to whip up a quick batch of goodies!! Awww yeah!

The information was posted on Facebook by Courtney LaValley. She said:

Everyone deserves to know this!!

At Costco, you can request boxes of pastry, cookies, croissants etc. UNCOOKED. You simply ask at the bakery counter and they will give you a case with no problem.

$22.99 there are 120 inside, rather than 21 for $7.99. Macadamia ones are a little more expensive !
You can freeze them and take some out when you want to cook some ???


What is happening? How did I not know this before now?!

Oh, and you can order the cookies right on the Costco website. If there are other items you want to order, just head into your local Costco and talk to someone in the bakery. They can then help you place your order.

K, this is awesome and completely changes everything! Kiss all your diets goodbye because you can have an abundance supply of Costco cookie dough. You’re welcome! 


  1. Christine Johnson says:

    Is this only in Canada?

  2. Christine says:

    Yes. Only in Canada.We do not have this available in the US .

  3. You can do the do the same with baguettes, ciabatta buns and even croissants. They have the apple turnovers in bulk as well apparently ??

  4. These are available at my business center in Stafford (Houston), TX

  5. Barbara Spagnoletti says:

    Why don’t they have this in all of their stores?

  6. Kristen Yard says:

    Hi, Barbara! I’m not sure! I would definitely reach out to Costco directly with that feedback to see if they can make it happen! Here is their website:

  7. Kristen Yard says:

    That’s awesome, Val! Thank you for sharing!

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