Have you ever tried Caplico cream filled mini wafer cones? If you haven’t you’re missing out! And the great part is, Costco now has them! And these Caplico cream filled mini wafer cones come in 3 flavors. Y’all when I say RUN to your local Costco, I mean RUN!! Because these are too good to pass up.

Caplico Mini Wafer Cones in a blue box with a shelf in 3 flavors: sweet cream, strawberry, and chocolate
They’re here and Costco has them!!!!

Delicious Caplico Mini Wafer Cones

Costco is on fire lately with the new releases and this time, it’s something sweet to satisfy any sweet tooth craving…

They are now offering Caplico Mini Cream Filled Wafer Cones that come in a variety box with 3 flavors: sweet cream, strawberry and chocolate.

Shelves of Caplico Mini Wafer Cones in 3 flavors: sweet cream, chocolate, strawberry
Never had Caplico Mini Wafer Cones before? Here is what they are…

What Are Caplico Mini Wafer Cones?

These crunchy, sweet treats are popular in Japan and now we can enjoy them in the US!

They are described as a tiny, light-as-air wafer in the shape of a long, thin ice cream cone. Atop each waffle print cone is an adorable sweet “ice cream” about the size and shape of a pencil eraser.

Each box contains 20 mini cream filled cones and it’s the perfect box for sharing with friends and family.

Single box of Caplico Mini Wafer Cones with 20 cones: sweet cream, strawberry, chocolate
Share these with your friends and family!

Allergens For Caplico Mini Wafer Cones

Each Caplico mini wafer cone flavor has many of the same ingredients, but they all contain the same allergens. So if you have allergies, be aware that these mini wafer cones contain:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Wheat
  • Soybeans
  • And may contain peanuts
Caplico Mini Wafer Cones, nutella, kinder bueno next to each other on pallets at Costco
They’re so simple, but oh so delicious and sweet.

Delicious Sweet And Simple Treat

These mini wafer cones are so good. They really are. Crunchy, sweet, flavorful, and each cone is less than 200 calories. Much less calories than say a slice of chocolate cakes!

I don’t know which is my favorite flavor! I love the strawberry, but vanilla is sweet, and who doesn’t love chocolate?! I can’t choose!

Get Your Caplico Mini Cream Filled Wafer Cones At Costco

Close up of Caplico Mini Wafer Cones on a pallet in flavors: sweet cream, strawberry, chocolate
Find them at Costco!

You can find the Caplico Mini Cream Filled Wafer Cones at your local Costco now for $7.99 a box.

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Have you ever had Caplico Mini Wafer Cones? Are you going to try them?

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