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Enjoy these Netflix hacks (including secret codes for categories) to enhance your TV watching or movie experience.

Netflix has come a long way since the days of mailing you DVD’s in little red envelopes. I know my kids have no idea they used to do that! I am a huge Netflix fan and love spending a rainy Saturday afternoon binge watching my favorite show or watching a Netflix kids show with my little one. Here are some other activities to do on a rainy day with your kiddos.

I found some pretty awesome ways to hack your Netflix account by changing settings and accessing a “gasp” SECRET code menu for different categories. So choose a show or movie to watch (you can actually watch Netflix with friends now!), whip up your favorite movie night snack (some delicious movie snacks here) and get ready to find a whole new world of Netflix.

7 Ways to Hack Netflix

1) Set Childproof Restrictions. Did you know you can set maturity levels for kids to make sure they aren’t watching things they shouldn’t be? Change the settings in their individual profile by going into settings and creating a four-digit parental controls pin and using the slider to set maturity ratings. There are settings for little kids, older kids, teens and mature.

A photo of a woman's face in greyscale coloring, with her index finger up to her lips as if saying 'shhhh it's a secret'
Use these secret codes to unlock a whole new world of categories in Netflix.

2) Discover Secret Codes for Categories. There are so many hidden Netflix categories besides the basic ones like comedies, documentaries, dramas. You can actually unlock hidden categories with secret codes! They get really specific like ‘Imaginative Movies for ages 2 to 4‘ or ‘Movies with Princesses’. Here’s a ridiculous long list of ALL the categories that you can try. So fun! Note-these work on a computer where you can input the code in the URL. If you have the app or a SmartTV, go to search and input the category name (from the secret code list exactly) and it will pull all the titles fitting that category. 

3) See Viewing Activity. Make sure your husband/friend/sister etc. didn’t watch your favorite Netflix show without you! If you share an account, just head over to Netflix.com/WiViewingActivity and you can see everything that has been watched and on what date. It also allows you to delete shows if you don’t want anyone to know you are ahead by two episodes! 

A screen showing a site called Netflix Roulette that will help you choose what to watch on TV/Netflix.
Can’t decide what to watch? No problem! Play Netflix Roulette and let it choose what you want to watch.

4) Find Something to Watch. Not sure what to watch today? Try Netflix Roulette. This is a really fun site where you spin the wheel and it gives you a movie or show. You can pick a category or let it pick totally random. I got Jem and the Holograms which turned out to be a cute show!

5) Download Your Favorites. Now you can download movies or shows so you can watch on the go. This has saved so much sanity on our car rides with kids when you don’t need WiFi to watch! These super easy instructions will show you how to download from Netflix.

A screen showing Netflix shows with title 'Netflix Originals' in white font
Customize your viewing preferences including minimizing (or maximizing) Netflix originals if you choose.

6) Minimize Netflix Original Suggestions  The “My List” section is designed to let you customize a row of shows and movies you want to watch. Once you add several shows or moves to your list, Netflix will sort it for you and put the titles you’re most likely to enjoy based on your list first. Netflix will slip in a few Netflix Originals too but preventing that is as simple as making a quick change to your “my list” settings. Just follow this link to Netflix settings and uncheck “Netflix Suggests” and select instead “Manual Ordering.” 

7) Customize Your ‘Mood’ Profiles. Make your own mood profiles. Instead of having just one profile for yourself with everything in it, create separate ones for when you’re feeling like watching something funny, something sad, etc.

8) Get Netflix for Free. Okay, this is a total bonus but did you know that you can get your Netflix subscription free for an entire month or even longer?!? T-mobile and Verizon both offer free Netflix options but you HAVE TO ASK! 

Have fun hacking Netflix with all these tips & tricks!

For more fun tips/hacks like this, click here!


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