Spring showers brings… rainy day family activities! We all know that Spring brings warmer weather and typically lots of rain.  Sure, some of these days are spent blogging on my couch while my kids play on their tablet or Xbox, but I’ve vowed to work smarter this year and spend more time with my kids. So today I will take what would normally be “me-time” and turn it into “we-time”  where I can live in the moment and share joy with my family. That is exactly why I am sharing 10 Family Activities for A Rainy Day! These activities are meant to spread happiness, joy, laughter, and make memories even on the darkest of days. These activity ideas would also work great for rainy day birthday parties! 10 Family Activities for A Rainy Day

10 Family Activities for A Rainy Day

  • I’ll be the first to admit that I  haven’t worked out in a while. That gives me the perfect motivation to really promote and participate in family fitness. You can turn your entire home into a gym that is fun and functional for the entire family.
  • Something my boys and I do a lot is make soap but even then, it never seems like we make enough. Making soap allows us to be creative, crafty, and make something that is fun and personalized. Need ideas on what to make? Here are some fun kid-friendly soap ideas.
  • Baking with kids can be  so fun! Sure, there may be a mess but just think of the quality time being spent. Lately, I’ve been so busy I haven’t baked as much as I used to so I am just itching for a rainy day to give me an excuse to do it. Besides, did you know that baking with your kids makes them smarter?
  • Now that you know baking with kids can make them smarter, why not bake up some adorable crispy bite snacks. I think these totally look like little paint chips and it’s a treat I know my boys will love.
  • You know how when you were a kid, forts were totally a thing? Forts still are but you can take it to a whole new level with this air fort. Isn’t that just so fun? It will totally be a new tradition with your family.
  • Every time I go to a convention I see marshmallow shooters for sale and I’ve been tempted to buy some for my boys, but honestly, why would I when I can make my own? As long as you use marshmallows and pom poms, these homemade marshmallow shooters can provide hours of fun in the house. Heck, have a marshmallow shooter war with the entire family!
  • Explore the indoors. We often think about scavenger hunts outside (which we haven’t done since last fall) but what about doing one inside? This indoor scavenger hunt has the right idea to find items that are on the floor (hey, it also helps clean up the house too) and they even have a free printable scavenger hunt list.
  • If you have kids, I am sure by now you have a favorite movie you like to watch as a family. Sometimes the best days are spent relaxing in pajamas, snuggling, and watching a movie. Don’t forget to make some popcorn or have a sweet treat, this monster munch can actually achieve both.10 Family Activities for A Rainy Day Facebook
  • Play dress up! Come on parents when is the last time you played dress up? I’ll admit, for me it’s been since Halloween. Bust out those old Halloween costumes and let your kids be the super hero they really are! It’s great for play, imagination, and just to keep everyone having fun. And if don’t have any costumes lying around, here are twenty dress-up options you can make yourself.
  • Something I thought of the other day that would be fun is to give kids a camera (I would recommend a disposable one) and allow them to explore the house and take pictures. You can explore your home with them as they use their imagination and in the end, have photos that are keepsakes on how they view their surroundings.

Take the time to relive great memories or make new ones

Rainy days truly give you the purchase excuse to stay inside and remake great memories or make new ones. Whether you are doing an activity you’ve done before but just haven’t done in awhile or you are doing something new for the first time, the memory making is the most important! If you have had trouble thinking of what to do with family on a rainy day, I hope this list helps! Some of these ideas would also be awesome for rainy day birthday parties. How have you cured rainy day blues? Leave a comment!

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