Costco is always coming to our rescue with the best desserts to try. A huge $6 pumpkin pie? A Caramel Tres Leche Bar Cake? An entire tray of Christmas cookies? Sign us up for all of them please!

And now, the latest and greatest? Costco is offering Cookies and Cream Cupcakes!

These amazing little yellow cake cupcakes are topped with chocolate chip mousse. Then, that already delicious concoction is then topped with a chocolate chip cookie. It’s a cupcake AND a cookie, all in one dessert. Plus the chocolate chip mousse just sounds like something you can’t go wrong eating.

Even better, the Costco Cookies and Cream Cupcakes come in a 12-pack for just $10.99. That’s not even a dollar per cupcake, and that includes a cookie with it.

Since every Costco bakery has different offerings, you’ll have to be sure to check at yours to see if these awesome new cupcakes are one of the offerings. If so, you’ll definitely need a package of them to be able to have a proper taste test.

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