This brother surprised his sister after being abroad for 3 years. He is a soldier and was stationed away for quite some time. The reunion between brother and sister is so heart warming. I think this is the best surprise her brother could have given her. Videos of soldiers surprising their loved ones are my favorite. You have to check it out.

Soldier Returns after 3 Years to Surprise Sister Video - Kids Activities Blog - surprised teenage girl
This kinda surprise is the BEST kinda surprise!

Brother And Soldier Surprises Sister

Having a sibling who lives far away is hard on any kid, but for this teenager it was brutal.

Though Elizabeth couldn’t have been happier that her brother Shane enlisted in the military, she never anticipated he’d be gone for three years straight, and that he wouldn’t be able to visit.

Brother Surprises Sister After Being Gone For 3 Years

This is the emotional moment that a soldier returns home for the first time in THREE YEARS to surprise his much beloved sister. After three long years stationed in Italy, soldier Shane Rader, from Gilbert, Arizona, is about to return home for the first time to surprise his sister Elizabeth. 

Upon walking through the front door, the family dog is the first to recognize Shane, but his barks aren’t enough to startle Elizabeth, who continues watching TV completely unaware her brother stands only a few feet away. When she finally spots Shane, the teenager gasps in disbelief before crying out his name in excitement, leaping up and locking her arms and legs around him.

Take a look!

Soldier Returns After 3 Years to Surprise Sister Video

Older brother John, who planned the surprise reveal, said: “I loved Elizabeth’s reaction, you can tell just how excited and overcome with emotion she was.”


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