When I first started wearing glitter nail polish it was those big chunks of glitter in clear lacquer and you were lucky to get five of those suckers on one nail. They always looked funky, but always made me feel hot. Also, it was like the 80’s or 90’s or something and I was a kid so, yeah, wearing two different color socks made me feel hot, too. Still, nail polish has come a LONG way since then, and glitter nail polish especially. Still, as much as I still love it it’s a pain in the butt. I mean, it flakes off, but if you try to take it off you’re basically just going to make yourself sad. And it catches on things in the weirdest way. But, it turns out, maybe I’ve been doing it all wrong. And maybe you have, too. Check out this tutorial on how to do glitter nail polish right!

So I think ultimately if you’re happy with how it looks it’s right, but I LOVE the way this looks. I’m definitely trying it. Let me know if you do, too, in the comments!

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