There are many common, everyday things that essential oils can help with, but did you know that you can use essential oils for common ailments?

One of the best parts of essential oils is that they are natural and without chemicals, but they can help with so many things.


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Try these simple tips for common ailments using essential oils!

Essential Oils for Common Ailments AND BENEFITS OF ESSENTIAL OILS

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had something to turn to when you weren’t feeling your best? If there was a healthy, natural way to help ease symptoms of one common ailment or another? That’s when the use of essential oils comes in!

Essential oils have many health benefits: some have anti-inflammatory properties, some can be used to help relieve nasal passages, others are good for stress relief and provide mental clarity, help with athlete’s foot and skin irritation, relax sore muscles, relieve a sore throat, and others like lavender essential oil even offer a calming effect. A few drops of essential oil mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, or olive oil, and you have a natural remedy for different ailments.

Our favorite essential oils and one of the most popular essential oils are Young Living as they are high quality and can be used in many different ways. However, we recommend checking with health professionals to make sure you’re using them in the best way and to avoid unwanted side effects.

Let’s explore what the most common essential oils can do:

Eucalyptus Oil 

Whether it’s allergies or a cold, a stuffy nose can be a pain. You know it will pass on its own in time, but what if it’s distracting you from work, or if you need to give a speech or presentation and you don’t want to sound all nasally? Eucalyptus essential oil is great for clearing up that stuffy nose and helps relieve light respiratory problems so you can get on with your day.

Peppermint Oil

When you get the occasional stomach ache and it’s not related to an underlying medical cause that needs to be treated, sometimes a little peppermint oil is all you need to make the tummy aches fade for the moment. It’s one of those dietary supplements that are good for the tummy!

We also love using DiGize for the same thing!

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Stuffy nose? No problem!

Tea Tree Oil

We all get cuts and scrapes now and then and the more active you are, the more likely this happens to you. You don’t want those cuts to get infected while you wait for them to heal and sometimes they can even be painful (like that paper cut on the tip of your finger – ouch!). A few drops of Tea tree oil topical application can do just the trick to help you with cuts and scrapes like this.

Lavender Oil

How frustrating is it to enjoy a great day outdoors or play in the backyard with the kids, only to realize later you’re covered in bug bites? They sting and they itch and if you scratch them, they get worse. Lavender oil can help with this as well as other causes of itchy skin. Lavender oil is also a fantastic way to get a good night’s rest and can also be used in beauty products such as sugar scrubs that help with muscular pain and used with essential oil diffusers that help us relax after a long day. Here are so many ways to use lavender oil!

Ylang Ylang Oil

There are many ways to use ylang ylang oil, and it’s one of our favorites for many reasons. A few drops of oil on the skin promote relaxation, help reduce bacterial infections, help lower high blood pressure, and when used in aromatherapy, it helps with memory and thinking skills.

There are also oils for headaches, stress, muscle aches and cramps, and everything else you can think of. While it’s not a miracle cure, it can be a great way to ease the discomfort of these common ailments and help you get on with your day without distractions.


Did you like these essential oils for different ailments tips and tricks? Which one was your favorite?


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