With summer upon us, you may be looking for a natural way to keep your skin protected from the sun. Well, look no further! A few drops of essential oil can be a safe and chemical-free way to keep your skin protected from the UV rays. Here are some natural remedies for avoiding sunburn with essential oils.
Image shows a skin with sunburn and text reads "Avoiding Sunburn with Essential Oils"
Follow these tips to avoid sunburn!
Which Essential Oils to Use Summer is coming, and while most of us enjoy sunny days, too much sun exposure usually ends with irritated skin – or even worse, sunburnt skin! The good news is that today we are sharing with you the best way to reduce that itchy skin we get with uncomfortable sunburn and the best essential oils for sunburn relief. Although these remedies are great for all skin types, including dry skin and fair skin, if you get a severe sunburn it’s best to get medical attention as soon as possible. In general, to avoid bad sunburn and risk of skin cancer, it’s recommended you don’t spend much time directly under sunrays. There are a number of essential oils that can help protect your skin from the sun. Some of these include lavender, myrrh, Frankincense, sandalwood, Helichrysum, and carrot seed. All of these essential oils offer skin nourishing and healing properties, making them a great option for a DIY sunscreen. Some, like clove and thyme, possess great antioxidant properties which are an added bonus to your skincare routine. For the most protection, you will want to make sure that you’re using only 100% pure, high-quality essential oils. This will help ensure that you’re getting maximum protection without any additional or unexpected fillers. Making a Homemade Sunscreen Using Essential Oils Although essential oils have great health benefits, they should be used carefully. Since essential oils are highly concentrated, it’s so important to make sure that you dilute them before applying them to your skin. Never use pure essential oil directly on the skin and if possible do a patch test before using it on the rest of your body Not only will this help protect your skin, but it will also make it easier to evenly distribute your homemade sunscreen over every area you wish to keep protected from the sun. To make a DIY sunscreen, you will first want to start with a base oil. Certain oils offer sun protection. Coconut oil is probably the most popular oil to use. You can also use jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, or grape seed oil. Simply add between 10 to 30 drops of your essential oil of choice to about four ounces of the base oil you’re planning to use. You can also create a blend of several essential oils with a base oil if that better suits you.
Image shows a woman under the sun using sunscreen with essential oils. Text reads "Avoiding Sunburn with Essential Oils"
Keep your skin protected with these tips using essential oils.
Warning Keep in mind that not all essential oils are safe to use in the sun. In fact, some essential oils can actually cause you to get sunburn or skin discoloration when they are exposed to UV rays from the sun or in tanning beds! You will want to avoid wearing citrus essential oils – such as lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit – at all costs! In addition, you will also want to avoid using cumin, bergamot, rue, and Angelica Root to avoid skin irritation. In addition, certain essential oils are not meant for topical use at all. Even when they are, you should also avoid applying them to damaged or broken skin and should be especially avoided on open wounds. Be sure to do your research before using any essential oil on your skin and in the sun!  Besides, make sure to drink plenty of water and use sun lotion to keep your skin in its best condition. If you suffer from a minor sunburn, you can use aloe vera gel for its cooling sensation and anti-inflammatory properties. These are just some tips on avoiding sunburn with essential oils! Whether you’re trying to avoid the chemicals in traditional sunscreen or you’re trying to lead a greener lifestyle, DIY essential oil sunscreen can be a great option for you!

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