You likely already know how awesome essential oils are. Some drops of oil are enough for many different uses around the home, including using essential oils for the laundry room! They can cleanse and purify the air, they can be used in cooking, they can help treat many conditions and ailments by easing your symptoms, and a great way is that they can even be used in the laundry. (affiliate links are included in this post)
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Let’s see how you can use your essential oils in the laundry room!

Essential Oils for the Laundry Room

One of my favorite ways to use pure essential oils is in the washing machine. Adding a few drops of essential oil to a load of laundry is a great way to keep a fresh scent in a natural way – we are trying to stay away from harsh chemicals, so this works really well. Not only that, but some of these essential oils are really good stain removers (even that annoying grease stain you’ve been trying to get rid of for ages!) so you get clean clothes with good smells plus the benefits of essential oils in an easy way. Different oils have different benefits, for example, tea tree oil has antibacterial properties, making it a great choice for washing kitchen cloths without using toxic chemicals, while some drops of lemon oil are great for killing harmful bacteria and viruses. Lavender essential oil is known for its relaxing properties and its aroma is a great way to support your immune system. No matter what you choose, all of these different essential oils are great options to add to your laundry routine. Our favorite essential oils are Young Living as they are of great quality (they are the best essential oils we have found), you can find them at affordable prices and they have our favorite scents. We have found they work really well with homemade natural products for the laundry and sometimes work better than commercial detergents. Some oils you want to keep on hand for use in the laundry are: The good news is that you can use just about any drops of your favorite essential oil in your wash cycle, but the ones listed above are popular uses for laundry. You also want to choose the oil you use based, in part, on the purpose you’re using it for. Let’s take a look at some things essential oils can do and you’ll understand what we mean.
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There are so many different essential oils you can use with your laundry!

How to Use Essential Oils for the Laundry Room

Stain Removal There are many different ways you can use essential oils for stain removal. You can use them to pre-treat many stains that might get in your laundry. You can use them for pit stains, grass stains, and for other stains! Remove Clothing Odors If you have clothing with odors in it, lemon is a great essential oil to help get that out. You might also use lavender or something with a nice smell along with purification oils to get the smell out. Use the essential oil of your choice (we like citrus oils) in the wash with the stinky clothes and then see how much better they will be when they come out. Remove Odors from Washing Machine You can also use lemon essential oil to clean the washing machine with nothing in it. This is great to do after several cycles of laundry anyway, or any time that you notice an odor left behind in the machine after doing laundry. DIY Laundry Detergent A popular recipe includes 3 cups washing soda, 3 bars of Castile soap, 3 cups of Borax, and ¼ -1/2 tsp of your choice of quality essential oil. Lavender, lime or orange, and grapefruit are popular choices. DIY Dryer Sheets You can make your own dryer sheets by using a couple of drops of essential oils (we prefer a floral scent like rose essential oil) on a wash cloth or a microfiber cleaning cloth and tossing it in the dryer with the laundry. Super simple and the smell will last for a long time! Keep Fabrics Soft You can also use essential oils like lemongrass or a purification blend to get your fabrics nice and soft. This is especially useful for towels and linens. You can make a fabric softener with Epsom salt, lavender oil, melaleuca oil, and lemon essential oils.


Which essential oils will you use for laundry? 

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