Coloring Activities

For my daughter and I, coloring is a calming activity to spend quality time together, but there are more ways to have fun with coloring books than just coloring.

coloring page ideas

I will share five ways we get creative with coloring pages.

Coloring Activities

Outline picture with colored glue

Add some tempera paint to a liquid glue bottle and stir it into the glue.  Trace the outline of the pictures with the colored glue.  Once the colored glue is dry, fill in the rest of the picture with crayons or colored pencils to create a contrast.

coloring activities with colored glue Cover the coloring page in pulses

Pour a layer of glue over the coloring page. Sprinkle items such as fennel, lentils, rice, or grains over the top of the picture to create a natural looking piece of artwork like our mandalas.

coloring activities with sprinkled items Make a Placemat with Colored Art

Cut out a rectangular piece of contact paper to be the size of a placemat.  Let your child cut out pictures from a coloring book and place the pictures on top of the contact paper.  Cover the completed collage with another matching piece of contact paper.

colored art placemat Use glass, craft marbles to cover a coloring page

Collect an assortment of flat, craft marbles and allow your child to fill in the picture with the marbles.  A picture that has already been colored can be used for this.  No glue needed because this will be a temporary piece of art.

marble coloring activity Create a small world scene

Choose animals from a coloring book that share the same habitat.  Glue the pages onto cardstock, cut them out, and then glue each animal onto a toilet paper tube.  Create their habitat using a cardboard box, construction paper, glue, and natural materials.

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