Homemade Halloween Costumes

I love homemade Halloween costumes!

I love being crafty, and my kids love to play pretend, so a homemade costume is just an extension of our personalities.   Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas to Kids Activities Blog and told us about your kids costumes.  These ideas are so great we just had to share them!

These simple halloween costumes can be used long after the holiday for dress up or play!

Homemade Halloween Costumes

Here’s a simple hungry caterpillar mask that kids will love wearing long after Halloween.

Dukes and Duchesses created a cute gumball machine costume for their daughter using items from the dollar store.

DIY Pterodactyl Costume.  This one was created by one of my new favorite blogs, Dinosaurs and Octopuses.  She has lots of activities!

Eli and Melissa created a Rocket-Man costume with soda bottles, spray paint, duct tape and tissue paper.

We were LEGOs this year, but this fella was the lego man.  What a fun DIY costume idea!

Shannon of Milk and Cuddles had fun with her daughter.  She created a Chinese Take-out Costume.  Adorable!

home made costume Home Made Costume

  • Transform a brown sweatsuit with a felt mane and some masking tape into a Giraffe (via Family Fun Go)
  • Love how simple this “Homeless Child Outfit” is!  All you need are worn clothes, make-up and a sign.
  • Tip Junkie featured a fun circus performer costume – complete with a balloon barbell, balloon “muscles” and a fake mustache.
  • Another simple costume is this Yoda one by It’s Overflowing.  She includes instructions so you can make your own “ears” hat.

Homemade Halloween Costumes with Holly and Rachel

Rachel and I had a ton of fun last night on a LIVE G+ Hangout discussing Homemade Halloween Costumes.  We are vowing to do more of these because they are just plain fun.  If you missed our conversation last night, it isn’t too late…here is a recording of the epic event :)…

You can watch other G+ Hangouts and be alerted of their existence by circling Holly Homer on G+.

More Kids Activities

Homemade Halloween costumes are a fun way to get into the holiday.  What kind of home made costume have you made?  Here are some more great ways to dress up for Halloween and other fun kids activities:

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