{Make and Give} Coaster Homemade Gift Kit

My kids love being creative and the act of making gifts is something that makes them feel so special and connected to the person they are gifting the items to!

The whole time they are creating their gift they are thinking and talking about the person who to whom they plan on gifting the items. I hope Grandma knows how much her kiddos love her with these felted coasters.
Great way to practice fine motor skills with your preschool aged kids - weave coasters

Homemade Gift

Supplies Needed to create your own Coasters:

  • Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Collection of yarn scraps.

How to make the coasters:

Cut slits into the paper plate every inch or so.  You will want each of your slits to be about 1 inch deep.  Begin with your largest piece of yarn (ours was several yards long) and wrap it around the plate in a circle, making spokes of a wheel as you circle the plate and put yarn into each of the slits.

When you are finished, knot the “wheel” loom to itself – we also added tape to the back to help secure it as my kids were not very gentle to the project as they worked.

This is an easy gift for your kids to make for Christmas #diy #craft

Alternating different colors and textures of yarn, weave around the paper plate loom.  Start in the center and work your way to the outside of the plate.

This is a great time to work on the concept of “every other” or odds and evens with your preschooler.  My 3 year old was fascinated with the pattern of going in and out as she wove.

Homemade Gift Kit

When you are finished, rip the paper plate out from the back of your coaster.  Discard.  Cut the strings and knot each string “end” to the string next to it.  Don’t pull too tightly or your coaster will bubble.

You will have an adorable coaster ready to gift to grandma.  For a gifting “pair” maybe your children can whip up a batch of homemade Hot chocolate to include for her.

Gift a craft kit to your kids for Christmas.  Your kids can use this kit to create coasters

Homemade Gift Kit for Kids

To make this craft into a gift kit for the child in your life, collect all the supplies along with a set of instructions and a sample “finished project” – we packaged them up into a nifty tin.

It is ready for your artsy child to explore colors, patterns and textures as she learns to weave.

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