10 Fun Indoor Activities with Only A Bag of Craft Sticks

Now that winter is upon us, I’m looking for more entertaining indoor activities.  Not only are we not taking walks and playing outside, we rarely even leave the house!

With two small children I’ve got to come up with things to fill in the gaps when I don’t have other fun things planned.  One item we love to play with is craft sticks.  They’re a perfect boredom buster!

10 Fun Indoor Activities with Nothing But A Bag of Craft Sticks

Indoor Activities with Craft Sticks

Every single one of these fun things ONLY require craft sticks and nothing else!

  1. Build a race track for your toy cars.
  2. Practice creating and identifying shapes.
  3. Spell your name.
  4. Play hopscotch.  Wonderful way to get out all that extra energy!
  5. Play swords.  With a little boy, everything turns into a sword fight!
  6. See how many you can stack without tipping them over.  This one is great for practicing concentration and patience.
  7. Play tic-tac-toe.  Make a grid with sticks and grab two small toys for the “X” and “O”.
  8. Bend them!  If you submerge craft sticks in water over night, you can bend them into shapes.
  9. Make a pretend tight rope and walk across without “falling” off.
  10. Count how many craft sticks long items in the house are.

We are crazy about craft sticks and have made other things {in case you run out of stuff to do}:

  1. Craft stick flag
  2. Add some leaves and make a rake in this fall craft
  3. Make kid art puppets
  4. Make a catapult
  5. Make popsicles with a surprise
  6. Craft stick puzzle
  7. “Plant” a number garden
  8. DIY toy log cabin

So pick up a pack of craft sticks (affiliate link) and begin your hours of fun!  And if you want the color version, try these BAZIC jumbo colored craft sticks.

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