Craft stick projects are great fun because they are so easy!   The possiblities of things you can create are endless and the price of supplies are low.   This is just a small sampling of the things you can do with craft sticks! Here are a few crafts we have gathered for you from our It’s Playtime! link-up on Wednesdays.   You can share your favorite craft with us, too.   Just   come back this afternoon and link up. 6 Fun Craft Stick Projects

6 Fun Craft Stick Projects

1.   You can make your very own miniature weaving loom for lots of fun and learning.   Just glue craft sticks together in the shape of   a square and wrap with one long strand of string. 2.   Eight craft sticks is all you need to build a model airplane.   Help your little ones with the hot gluing and then let them paint it to make it all their own. 3.   Make bracelets with a little creativity plus a bit of science.   Learn how to bend the craft sticks without breaking them!   Once that part is done, paint or add washi tape to decorate. 4.   Another take on  wooden bracelets, try adding string and stickers to decorate.   You can also attach beads to jazz it up! 5.   You can also use craft sticks to make your own puzzles!   Line up a few sticks, tape them together temporarily with a piece of electrical tape.   Then, you can paint them, let them dry, and piece them back together. 6.   Paint and add googles eyes to create stick animals.   Try this penguin craft by also adding pieces of orange construction paper as feet and hands. Be sure to check out more activities today at 4pm!

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  1. Firstly thank you for all the ideas and news letters. I’m now writing to you all the way from South Africa. I have 2 boys 2 and 4 years old. My biggest challenge is to choose activities that both boys can do as well as stimulate them at the same time. And think my biggest problem is overthinking and planning that it doesn’t happen at all. Feeling overwhelmed with the ideas together.

    I would really like your advice as how to plan a week of activities ( that you send with news letters) but that will work for both the boys. Would really love some advice.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Chanel,

      That is a really good question! I have three boys that are all 2 1/2 years apart. My biggest tip is to pick an activity that is good for one of the ages and then modify it slightly to accommodate the others. For instance, if you are finger painting, the older child might be encouraged to create a picture and the younger might be more free-form or use a large coloring page as a guide.

      We will be getting back to the play calendars – it is on the schedule and hopefully will be back soon!