Pasta Art – A {Fantastically Messy} Preschool Art Tradition

Pasta art is a preschool art tradition!  Who doesn’t remember creating art with noodles, spaghetti art, macaroni art or create magic with those pasta wheels?

Today Kids Activities Blog is so excited that Michelle from Happily Hectic Household is Quirky Momma for the day and sharing her favorite pasta art.

pasta art - preschool art

Pasta Art

To create this fun pasta art, you will need things that you likely already have at home.

Supplies Needed:

  • Four trays of Paint
  • Sturdy paper, cardboard or Bristol board
  • Cooked Pasta

Preschool Pasta Art

It went something like this… grab some pasta, dip it in paint and create art!

As a preschool group they had a blast trying different ways to paint with the noodles, dip them in paint, mix new colours, getting outside their comfort zone when it comes to messy, and great discussions about what else you could use noodles for.

According to my 3-4s, if you have a box of pasta hanging around your cupboard you should try using cooked pasta gardening, decorating, washing dishes, cleaning windows and driving your car.

Who knew noodles could be so helpful?

They turned out fabulously and the noodle painting was a huge hit.

Preschool Art

When it comes to painting with preschoolers I cringe thinking about the blue handprints I will find later on my leg, the door and the chairs. I wrinkle my nose at the smell. I even question the usefulness of it until I actually get to the painting part and then remember how much fun it really is.

With a little preparedness (drop cloth, paint smocks, special washing station aka bucket of warm soapy water manned by me), cleanup is a snap!

Michelle is in love with all things family, craft, and food. You can find her blogging at Happily Hectic Household.

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