Let’s celebrate Labor Day with these festive and fun Happy Labor Day coloring pages for kids of all ages. Grab your red, white and blue crayons to color Labor Day coloring pages that work great at home or in the classroom.

Labor Day Coloring Pages printed pdf file shown on gray table with art supplies all around - Kids Activities Blog
Free Labor Day coloring pages for kids!

Celebrating Labor Day with Labor Day Coloring Pages

Happy Labor Day! Labor Day is a holiday that honors all workers in America and has traditionally been observed on the first Monday in September since 1894. Click the button to download and print our Labor day coloring pages now:

Each year all the people who work, or most, get a day off thanks to Labor day. Some of the people who don’t get days off are soldiers, policemen, and other first responders like fire fighters, EMS, and a lot of times emergency doctors and nurses.

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1. Great Occupations Labor Day Coloring Page

Labor day coloring pages printed pdf shown in black and white with the text: Happy Labor Day and a chef, construction worker, nurse and doctor - Kids Activities Blog
Download our fun Labor Day coloring pages for kids!

In our first Labor Day coloring page, you will find four common vocations: chef, construction worker, doctor, and police offer. They’re all great and fun career paths!

2. Tools of Labor Day Coloring Page

Labor day coloring pages for kids - text: Happy Labor day with tools used by American workers: hammer, whisk, paint roller, pencil, brief case, wrench and stethescope - Kids Activities Blog
What do you want to be when you grow up? Here are some ideas!

In our second Labor Day coloring pages, you will find several tools that make working easier. How many do you recognize? I see a stethoscope for doctors, a whisk for bakers, a briefcase for businessmen and businesswomen, a wrench for mechanics, a paint roller and a hammer for construction workers.

Download & Print Labor Day Coloring Pages PDF Files Here

Labor Day Coloring Pages  printed pdf on white decorated background with coloring accessories-kids activities blog
Our Labor Day coloring pages are all ready to be downloaded – just grab your crayons!

Free Labor Day Coloring Pages Set Includes:

This Labor Day printable set includes two coloring pages for ultimate coloring fun:

  • The first Labor Day coloring page features a chef, a construction worker, a doctor, and a policewoman.
  • The second Labor Day coloring page features several tools that help people do their jobs!

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What was your favorite thing about the Labor Day coloring page set?

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