Gathering quality kids craft ideas that your family can create together is often challenging.  That is why we are highlighting some of our favorite that use things you likely already have at home. Here at Kids Activities Blog we believe that fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  

Kids Craft Ideas

Our kids love to create together.  I don’t know who appreciates my collection of kids craft ideas on our  Kids Arts and Crafts  Pinterest boards – me or them!   These are some of the  Kids Craft Ideas  that have been linked up to our weekly kids meme,  It’s Playtime, over the past year.

Simple Crafts for Kids

Mix your play to create!  Use play doh and blocks to build elaborate structures. Use pom-poms, feathers, googly eyes and whatever other supplies you have on-hand to make magical flying creatures, like these crafty dragonflies. Make a train using boxes doomed for the recycle bin – I love how Jamie used foam paper to link the cars together. Make messy art – all you need is a big canvas (butcher paper or a giant piece of cardboard) and give your child paints to have fun with! Add some drama to your child’s play.   Create a mask from this printable. Make a Pretend World, one filled with dinosaurs.   This is the perfect gift for a boy in your life – one where he can create and re-create! Who says art has to just be admired?  Why not play with it?   I love the transformation of these boxes into a kids play kitchen. Help your child make sculptures with play doh, including some of their favorite foods! For a child learning to sew, have them draw a monster, then cut it out of felt and have your child sew the edges together.   What a nifty crafty keepsake for kids. Make drums from recycled supplies found around the house – these are fun for the kids to bang and noisy!

Crafts Kids Can Make

It’s another week of Playtime! Come back this afternoon and link up your favorite kids crafts, silly activities and opportunities for learning. We grab posts to feature in our round-ups primarily through our Wednesday afternoon, kids meme.   By linking up you are giving us permission to grab an image and share it here, on our facebook walls and/or pinterest boards. Surely YOU have a kids craft idea that we can create together!

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