13 of the Best Pranks Kids Can Do

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After our round of Pranks for Kids and our list of Best April Fools Day Pranks, we got lots of suggestions of fun pranks to pull on kids from you, our readers!

Thanks for sending us some of your kids best pranks.  Here at Kids Activities Blog, we like our fun silly.
13 of the best pranks your kids can pull on each other!

Pranks for Kids

1.  Tape the light switch so they can’t flip it.  For younger kids, used colored tape.  For older kids clear molded to the shape of the switch is best.  Make them wonder why the light is not moving!

2.  Decorate a sponge as a piece of cake, coat it with icing and let it sit out on the counter.  See if they can resist taking a bite.

3.  Replace the eggs in the carton with “naked eggs” – the science experiment.  The kids will be in awe of the squishy giant eggs (and yes, they are edible, but taste awful!)

4.  Have a note appear in the toilet paper, as they pull on the roll, the message pulls out at them.   You need tape, toilet paper, and a unknowing participant.

5.  Dig out the old baby monitors, keep the “baby” side with you and put the adult one where your kids are, as they do something innocuous shriek at them “Someone’s watching!”

6.  Make meatloaf cupcake muffins – they will look like cupcakes, make the kids think they have a really “special” dinner.

7.  “Put a raisin inside a napkin. In your other hand pretend you just whacked a fly with the swatter. Go to pick up the fly with the napkin and then eat the raisin (fly)” – from Oh She Two She

8.  Short sheet their beds.  My grandmother did this once to me growing up.  I climbed into bed and only had a foot or two of sheets.  I had to re-make my bed laughing the entire time!  If only my kids made their beds I could do this one on them.

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