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Looking for a great Halloween game to play with your kids?  Check out this idea for some Halloween fun as a family with the Mummy Game.  We love family fun and silliness here at Kids Activities Blog!

Ah… the lure of the toilet paper roll.  I don’t know about you, but I have followed my son into the bathroom several times and found that in the 30 second gap from when he enters until I get in the room, he has managed to unroll the entire new roll of toilet paper I put on just that morning.

I find that if there is a particular object that my kids find fascinating, I attempt to figure out a way that I’d prefer with them to play with it – in a somewhat controlled environment.  Therefore, instead of letting him toilet paper my entire house while I was putting the baby down for a nap, I decided to let him have some toilet paper Halloween fun.

Halloween Game

Back when I was a kid, we used to have Halloween parties and the Mummy Game was always a hit. The rules are simple.  You take a roll of toilet paper and wrap the toilet paper around a willing participant, turning them into a mummy (though my son insists it’s a “mommy”).  I’ve seen this particular activity be played at bridal showers too, though the goal is to make a toilet paper wedding dress instead.

making a mummy man with tp

Make a Mummy

When I told my son we were going to play with a roll of toilet paper, he looked at me as if I was handing him the forbidden fruit!  I told him to stand still with his arms out and then, I slowly and methodically wrapped his arms, torso, and head with the toilet paper (we never made it to the legs).  It was hard for him to stand still due to all the giggling.  Because of the fragility of the toilet paper, it would often break, but we would just tuck it back in and continue wrapping.

My son had a blast.  He then took a turn dressing me up, but I was unable to get any photos of Mommy the Mummy (aka Mommy the “Mommy”).  The baby didn’t really appreciate our attempt to make her into a mummy – she would rather tear the toilet paper to shreds instead.

wrap your child in toilet paper so they can be a mummy

Halloween Fun

This is a very simple and fun activity and only costs you one roll of toilet paper (I wouldn’t attempt to reuse it in the bathroom afterwards) – perhaps you could use the scraps of paper for an art picture or use the cardboard roll inside for a sensory bin or other fun project.  Make sure your mummies have an opportunity to see themselves in the mirror before they break out of their bandages!

From my family to yours, have a safe, fun, and Happy Halloween!

super fun preschool activity - make mummies

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