Math Game for Learning Numbers

Using a math game can make learning numbers fun for young children.

Check out this fun way to help your child with their early math skills.

math game

Math Game

This math game helps children work towards:

  • Naming and identifying numerals. These skills are required so that we can record our maths.
  • Using the correct corresponding numeral for a given set of objects.


  • A die.
  • A set of numeral cards.

learning numbers

How to Play:

This is an easy to play math game.  Place the numeral cards face up on the ground. Take turns to roll the die and pick up the corresponding numeral card. If the card has already been taken, the child forfeits a turn. Play until all the cards have been taken. You can play as a team with the goal of picking up all the cards. Or you could have a competition to see who can pick up the most cards.

Learning Numbers

When children are just learning numbers, it is important to consider that identifying a numeral and naming a numeral are different skills.

  • An example of identifying a numeral: A child is asked to point to a card with the number ‘two’ on it. He/she points to a card with the numeral ‘two’ on it.
  • An example of naming a numeral:  A child is able to say the number word ‘two’ when presented with a numeral card with the numeral ‘two’ on it.

Some children may be able to identify numerals, but find it difficult to name a numeral. As such, it is important to ensure children are given opportunities to practice both identifying and naming numerals.  Both are important for a child who is learning numbers.

math game for learning numbers

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