ball door game_qm A few archways cut in to an old shoe box can be a fun way to practice adding. The numbers one, two and three have been written on the top of these archways for my four year old to work on counting. Small sticky notes could be placed for each archway with various numbers to make the game for difficult.

How to Play Adding Archways:

The basic version of the game is to roll a golf ball or marble through archway. Each time your roll the ball or marble through the archway you earn that number of points. The points can be recorded on a piece of paper with number or tally marks. At the end of the game, you can add up the points or you can keep a running total and stop after someone has earned a specific amount of points. Older children can roll two balls and write down a two digit number for turn. They can then add up the two digit numbers to find their final score.

Other ways to use the archways:

The archways can also be used to practice number sequencing.   After rolling ball or marble through an archway, a player could have to say the next four or five numbers that come after that number.  The player could have to say a number that is greater of less than the number on the archway.The player could have to count out a number of object to equal the number over the archway their ball went under. There are so many ways to use these simple archways. I bet you can think of dozens of them.
Games are a great way to make learning math fun!   Check out these other great math games for your kids:

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  1. Such a simple idea and yet effective and great fun!!!

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